Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Free Flights!

Did anyone hear about the Wendy's and Airtran promotion? Collect 64 coupons on a Wendy's medium or biggie cup, send them to Airtran and get credit for a free roundtrip ticket? Well, my brother and sister-n-law were collecting them and slowly but surely getting free tickets. Christmas break, my brother suggests that he and Drew go dumpster diving for Wendy's cups. They went two nights to a total of 6 Wendy's and got like 550 cups. Drew and I each got enough for 2 free roundtrip tickets plus 32 more coupons for a one way ticket. What were we going to do with a one way ticket? We decided to sell them on Ebay. It has been a nightmare. Apparantly, there are some weird travel and ticket rules on Ebay and our auctions kept getting pulled. Finally, we got it right and sold 2 packs of 16 coupons each for $39! We made $80 plus the 4 free airline tickets! It will be slightly annoying to travel Airtran since we have to fly out of NY and through there hub in Atlanta, GA. But, it will only cost us the amount of tax so, we will just deal. Beggars can't be choosers!

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  1. Wow, that's awesome! Love the dumpster diving idea. Does Airtran fly to Des Moines? WHere can you go?


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