Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Have you ever shoved a whole peep in your mouth so you don't get caught eating it by your toddler?

Man, I love those things. I don't know why I love the marshmellowy, sugary goodness, but they are so yummy I can eat a whole package in one sitting. My favorite way to eat them is to open them and let them sit out for about a day or a week until they harden.

Peeps are keeping me sane as I sneak off to eat 1 or 5, maybe I should go to Target to pick up some more...

Monday, February 26, 2007

It's advice day!

I need advice and you people need to help me. I don't promise to take your advice but will log it in my brain, maybe.

1) My thumb and pointer finger have callussed and started to peel by the fingernail and on the finger. It hurts! And makes doing things like zipping a jacket, changing a diaper and things like that just a little painful and difficult.

2) Kolby has yet another diaper rash. This one started to bleed on Saturday (first day I noticed it) and it is still open today. I have been applying Balmex and Airbornne's diaper rash cream, whichever happens to be where I am. It isn't looking better, should I try to take him to the dr. or are they just going to tell me to keep doing what I am doing?

I mainly want help with my finger problem, webmd didn't help and I tried to get into a dr. here but since I haven't actually been to a dr. besides an ob, they told me I can't get in for a couple of weeks.

I am probably totally jinxing myself for writing this, but Kolby slept until 6am without waking up! In his crib! He has only done that once before, yes he is almost one. He hasn't been nursing for quite sometime, just waking up and being relocated to the pack-n-play. Also, is sleeping from 8 to 6 enough for a one year old or should I try to get him to sleep longer?

And, Kolby and eating equals problem. He isn't such a fan of feeding himself. He will feed himself cheerio type things, bread and teething biscuts. When I put fruit or cheese or pretty much anything else on his tray he cries. He won't touch it and he spits it out if I put it in his mouth. BUT if said fruit is purreed, he loves it. What do I do? My mom says let him get hungry. Today I tried giving him his food before he nursed and he cried. He didn't want peaches or provolone cheese. He did put one piece of cheese in his mouth, made an ugly face and spit it out. Even Sage says "MMMMM, Holby!" whenever Kolby puts something in his mouth.

Lately, Sage thinks it is funny or whatever to put a blanket over Kolby (when I am not in the room) and watch Kolby pull it off. Except that Kolby is screaming the entire time he is trying to escape the blanket.

Oh, and while I was changing Kolby's diaper today, Sage bit two markers! And we found a whole crayon in Kolby's mouth this morning. That is why I buy only the washable markers and crayons.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

From the Mouths of Babes

Sage: "No talking, Holby! No saying bababba, Holby! No yooking my dow, Holby!"

Drew: "Sage, you are being rude and unkind by talking to Kolby that way. You are sinning."

Sage: "No me sinning. Holby sinning."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Humbled, Again By a Two Year Old

Last night we made a quick run to DSW and the mall in search of shoes for Drew. He has yet another weekend interview trip but this is a casual interview and his shoes are about a year old and looking well, bad. Anyway, we were in Journeys when I asked Drew "When do I get to go away by myself for 3 days?"

He said "I don't know."

And I said 'Your snotty answer is supposed to be 'When you get a company to pay for all the expenses.'"

Sage looked up at me and said "You being sassy, mama?"

I looked down at him sitting in his stroller, strapped in and said, "Yes, Sage I am being sassy. Drew, I am sorry for being sassy, please forgive me."

And Sage said "You sorry, you sassy mama?"

"Yes, Sage, I am sorry."

Life lessons.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I started a post...

Sunday, we got into a very minor accident. Very minor. No one was hurt. Both kids were in the car, Sage cried and Kolby slept. Drew was driving, we were in a turn left or go straight lane, going straight. The car on our right side decided to turn left. He was probably one car length ahead of us. Drew said he was looking at a pothole that he was intent on missing. I was saying "OOOOHHHHHHH". He slammed on his breaks and started turning left but it was too late. We hit their back left hubcap on their tire. Their car, perfectly fine. Our car, minor dent, some paint missing on the bumper and that is it. It took the police an hour to arrive. If it hadn't been such a cold day, I would have popped the boys in the stroller and walked the last couple of blocks home. The insurance wants us to get our car seats inspected for hairline fractures or something. It seems like a big headache for such a small thing. Drew offerred to settle right there, but the man wanted to send it in to insurance.

The other night, Kolby slept in his crib until 6am! I don't know how long it has been since he or I slept through the night. He isn't consistent by any stretch of the imagination, but we are making progress. When he wakes up, which seems to be getting later and later or earlier and earlier, Drew or I moves him into the pack-n-play in the living room where he spends the rest of the night. My goal is 7am. I can get up 7, 6:59, no go, but 7 is okay.

I am keeping busy with all my babysitting. Between babysitting, housework and errands, I don't get much time to write on the blog anymore.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Kolby Bo

I hadn't mentioned that the pediatrician recommended that Kolby be evaluated by a physical therapist because he seemed a little delayed in his large motor skills. I didn't mention it because I didn't think it would be a big deal, I thought they would come, observe him, ask me questions and then say, he is great, I can't believe he is doing so well and he has only had the brace off for 4 months! I was very surprised when they said, well he qualifies for therapy. They seemed happy about it. I am not so happy. I am a little sad. I can't even express why. Just that, I guess I thought I would have perfect kids in every way. I wouldn't need to seek help for them and I kind of feel like it is one thing after another. First the bilateral club foot and the treatment that goes with that and now this. I didn't let myself feel when we found out about his club foot and I realized later that was a mistake, so this time I am letting myself feel and vent. I feel sad that he needs therapy that he is "slow", I feel like I failed him somehow. I should have played more with him on the floor and gotten down there with him. His speech and fine motor skills are delayed also. He should be doing the pincer grasp better and be able to hold 3 objects in his hands. He shoud be babbling mamamamama and dadadadada, but he isn't. He makes more vowel sounds and less consenant (if any) sounds. Is that because I stick his passy in his mouth all the time? I don't know. I should have been feeding him more finger foods. (Foods is a whole different post with Kolby.)


I am glad that they are doing something now and not later when it could be more difficult. I am glad that there is something and someone who can help. I am glad that I am not left on my own to deal with this. I know that God is going before us in this and I trust Him and trust His plan for Kolby and for us. I just have to keep reminding myself that I am not in control that God already knows the outcome (that makes me relax, so much) and that I have to be faithful to my big God who gives me things that I don't expect to see if I will trust Him or trust man. I am going to trust Him for this one, because I am pretty sure that I can't do it alone. And, remember my prayer for Kolby to roll? I serve a great big God that can do anything and I have another opportunity to ask, trust and see what else he has in store for my sweet Bo. See, already I feel better! God is big and mighty and He wil show that in my life and in the life of Kolby.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

What happened?

I feel like the new year started without me. I missed January birthdays, playdates and pretty much all of January. Where did it go? Travelling and illness made the month go right around me. But, it is a new month, so I'm declaring a new start. Birthday cards will go out on time (except for yours, Glen, the 3rd is too close to the end of January, not that you read this anyway), playdates will be had, the library will be visited, groceries will be bought and dinners will be fixed. Hamburger Helper totally counts as dinner.

A new start will also bring new things in my life. Like the little baby girl I will be watching every Wednesday and some Saturdays. She is only 2 months old! So sweet. I'm sure there will be other new things, if only I could think of them right now. Oh, running. I started running last Sunday. I really like it, the time away, time to myself and time to listen to music on the Ipod. And then, I cut my heel yesterday on some leftover glass from a frame that broke. I hobble around trying to not put weight on it so it won't start bleeding again. So, running will have to be restarted sometime this month. And my ever present nursing dilemma, it hurts again. Over the holidays, I talked to a lactation consultant and she said it sounded like a yeast infection so I started taking measures to fight that and then it seemed to get a lot better, healed, I thought. Now, it is hurting again so badly, I wince when Kolby nurses, mostly when he latches on, but there is pain the entire time. And if Sage is in the room and Kolby wants to see what he is doing, OH MY! He latches on, pulls around to see Sage, lets go, latches on, pulls around, lets go, on, off, on, off, on, off. It is enough for me to tell Sage to leave or I quit nursing Kolby. He is almost 11 months, the 9th, so I could try milk, but I don't know if I am ready to be done. And a new month, a new night of sleep. Kolby wakes up between 3:00 and 4:30 to nurse. I am tired. I think he can sleep all night, he is just into a great routine of waking up and getting nursed back to sleep. That needs to be nipped in the bud. But, do I have the strength?

Sage is talking so much. He is learning to spell his name, can point to an "A" on a sign and has learned a memory verse. Proverbs 9:10 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." We call it his name verse because we engraved it on his baby book and Sage means wise one. When he starts counting things, he always starts with 2. He always says me instead of I, sometimes, he will say Sage instead of I. He went poop on the potty! It only took an hour of sitting there and one bag of m&m's as bribery, but he did it! But, don't think we are on our way, because we aren't. The next time, he preferred his diaper even with the m&m bribe.

And I'm off for a nap, did I mention I'm tired?