Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Power Outage

We were without power yesterday evening for about 6 hours. We were out of milk for Sage so we went to the grocery store and got milk and ice to keep everything cool. My husband is so smart! Except that at 11 when the power came back on, he turned on the air conditioners in our room and Sages room and forgot to take all the fridge food of the freezer. So he gets up with Sage this morning and comes right back to our room saying we have other issues. The whole gallon of milk is completly frozen! He figured out to put it in the microwave to defrost it. It was hard falling asleep in such a warm, quiet room. Sage had a hard time too. He can hear everything from the apartment hall too and he kind of seemed scared. It is not usually that dark in his room but after some rocking and butt patting, he finally drifted off to sleep.

Yesterday, Sage and I went to Westport, CT with a friend and her baby. It is about a half hour away. She described it as some little outdoor shops. I pictured some shops you can only find in a small town with unique items. No, this was Tiffany, Pottery Barn, Gap (with a Maternity), Banana Republic, J. Crew, Mimi Maternity and tons of other stores! We spent quite a bit of time and didn't make it to more than 4 stores! So, we were in Baby Gap and Gap Maternity for a long time! But I did get to try on the jeans and decided to buy a pair! They were expensive but I think they will be worth it since I will be pregnant all during the winter months and jeans are my favorite thing to wear!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Drew found out yesterday that his studio is taking a FINLAND! I am so jealous! Everyone told us that he would only take a day trip this semester. We had planned for me to go to North Carolina to visit my brothers family while he was gone so I didn't have to stay here alone. Well, yesterday morning, we were watching the news about Hurricane Katrina and they were saying fuel prices are going to go up so airline tickets will go up. So, we get on the internet and look for tickets thinking that it doesn't really matter when Sage and I go because Drew won't really be taking a trip anyway. We book tickets for next week! Drew won't be going until the end of September and the dates aren't set! I am bummed that we will be gone at different times. I am going to call Delta and see if I can change my ticket. But the other bummer is that I was going to be in NC for my nephews birthday. I haven't ever celebrated his birthday with him. He is going to be four and we have always lived in different cities. So, I don't know what to do. Ideally, I would leave while Drew is gone too and go to Iowa. But we had only planned on one trip this fall and next semester I will be too pregnant to travel while Drew goes on a trip. And the next semester, I don't know if I will be up to flying with two babies by myself. Sage would be 2 by then so we would have to buy him a ticket anyway and could we afford two tickets?

Pregnancy update- still puking. No weight gain or body changes which is weird because with Sage everything started moving around right away but maybe this time, everything is in place and just waiting to get bigger. I didn't gain weight right away last time either but don't worry, made up for it later!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Elephants upstairs?

New neighbors just moved in upstairs and I think they might be some sort of human elephant breed. They look normal but they are the loudest steppers I have ever heard. This morning I woke up to them at 6:58am! Ummm, my baby wasn't even awake yet. Why am I waking up before him? That is just not right.

More exciting subjects, Sage is trying more and more to walk everyday. It is so fun to see him and cheer him on. We have to be careful and only encourage him when he is walking because if we clap when he falls he thinks falling is cool and he will stand and then fall and laugh. His foot has straightened out. Of course, right after I ask people and get all paranoid.

The weather is finally beautiful. It has been in the 70's all week. I am loving it. Except that I am still sickly so I don't always get out to enjoy it.

Drew starts school at Yale on Wed. He has had orientation this week which has been so nice because it was just in the mornings and he was home in the afternoons. I love hanging out with him and just having him around. Last night he went to Happy Hour at the A & A building (Art and Architecture). Yale provides beer and soda and it is on the roof every Friday night. Crazy. He had fun meeting his school mates. Maybe next week we can get a sitter and I can go with him!

We went to the Farmers Market this morning and got yummy peaches, apples, raspberries, corn and tomatoes! I was glad to see fruits and veggies. I hadn't been in a long time and the first couple of times that I went, they only had bread, pastries, milk and meat. But this time they were loaded with the good stuff!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Houston, we have a walker

Sage took his first steps today. He has been practicing standing for a few days and today he actually took steps! And we caught it on video! The best "run" was 5 in a row! He is so brave! We are so proud!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Getting Big!

Sage, not my pregnant belly! S is getting to be such a big boy! We have started brushing his teeth at night now. He is very good about mommy's turn and Sage's turn. For his turn, he hold the tooth brush and sucks the tooth paste and drools. I don't let it last too long! He is also starting to walk a lot better. Not by himself but at first I was worried because his left foot turned in a lot and he would trip himself. Now, he usually keeps it pretty straight and he uses his thing to push and loves to push it around the house. He can turn it now but hasn't figured out how to back it up to get unstuck out of some spots. He will help pick up his blocks too. He puts them in the bucket one by one and I cheer and he keeps repeating until they are all picked up! Then he starts to take them back out and put them in again so I will continue to cheer!

He hasn't really napped this morning but he is just talking in his bed! I just want to leave him in there! I have already got some cleaning done and now I need to eat, again.

Pregnancy update- I feel yucky most of the time but haven't thrown up in a couple of days, although there have been threats. I haven't gained any weight yet according to my scale. I also don't feel like I am eating enough. I try but nothing sounds good and I am eating just to eat so I don't feel so yucky. 9 weeks down, too many to go!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I hate puking

Not that anyone enjoys it, but I really hate it. Guess why I puked this morning? Because I was brushing my teeth and looked at the dirt on my bathroom counter. This was at like 11am when I finally showered. Maybe it is a sign that I should clean more often. Not that I didn't know that!
The other day I puked at Sam's Club. We ate pizza and then I ran to the bathroom. Luckily no one else was in there! I have puked more with this pregnancy than with S. Maybe it is a girl. I hope we get to find out.

I am having a hard time adjusting to this new situation. D keeps saying that we would have had to move anyway and that it would be hard anywhere. BUT, we would have stayed in the midwest, within driving distance of family and friends. It is really hard for me to think that I won't see family until Christmas. I will be 6 months pregnant! That seems so far away! D will have completed one semester of graduate school. I just miss my best friend. I miss seeing them everyday and playing with the boys and doing fun things with them. I want to go home. This doesn't feel like home. It feels like way too long of a vacation with no fun things happening.
Surely, it will get better.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

HOT HOT Saturday

Today is the hottest day of the year here in CT. It is so stinkin hot. I have always loved summer but this summer, I hate it. I am so ready for fall, I can't even explain it. I think it is because this is the first summer that I have not worked the entire summer and have been home to sweat it out all day long. I wonder if the heat is making me feel worse on top of my pregnancy. I wear a ponytail everyday. EVERYDAY! I am tired of ponytails. Enough whining.

D is working today so S and I went to Target for lunch and wandered for 2 hours. I got two new shirts ($5 each!), lipstick and a hair thing that is stupid and I am going to return. They always look so handy in the package. I didn't spend too much for being there so long. Then I was on a hunt for box fans or the fans that are side by side and they blow air in and out. Not at Target, Wal-Mart or Lowes. Somebody suggested Home Depot. Maybe tomorrow.

I think I am going to take S to a high school swimming pool next week. I want to teach him to love water and to swim but the ocean isn't the best teaching place. I want to dunk his head under water and help him learn to hold his breath. I would love to take a swimming class with him. I think that would be a good activity for us. Oh, I have to take him to a high school pool because they don't have outdoor public pools here, just beaches. While beaches are great, they just aren't a pool with a fun slide! I miss that about IA. I could take him to a pool and go down a slide with him. I think he would love that!

I better go relax while he naps!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Fun Weekend

We went camping in Rhode Island. I had never been to Rhode Island. It is very beautiful. It was a last minute decision. Friday morning, D was supposed to go sailing and then we were going to try to camp after that but it was looking impossible. Then, sailing was out because the weather forecast was for thunderstorms and since they were going to go on the open ocean water, it wasn't a great idea. So at 8am, we decided to drive to RI anyway and see if we can find a place to camp. We packed up all our stuff and left by 10. We took the scenic route and drove across RI and started at the farthest point away looking for a camp site. By the time we found one (at the campground we called and they said they have some- surprise!) it was about 1. I am starving, Sage had drank some milk but he was hungry and I was getting to the point that I felt like throwing up I was so hungry. So we went and looked at our campsite which was gorgeous. And headed to find a McDonalds and a Wal-Mart because we hadn't packed any food. There was a Super Wal-Mart about 3 miles away. We bought an air mattress too because we realized we had forgotten ours and a pump. Now, we have two air mattresses! By the time we got back to camp it was 3:30 so we started setting up our tent and stuff. As we are setting it up, it is thundering. But it never did rain the whole time we were there.

We had to go back to Wal-Mart because the pump we bought didn't work and we thought of a few more things that we needed. So we ended up eating at McDonalds for dinner again. Not S, he had good food. At lunch, we tried giving him a chicken nugget and he didn't really like it. I was surprised.

That night, we put S to bed like normal. He is screaming. He stands up in his pack-n-play pulls the window cover down and looks out at us screaming. We should have taken a picture it was so cute. So, we decided to keep him up longer and then take him for a drive to get him to fall asleep. Worked perfectly. I transfer him to his bed and he sleeps. Until after I get ready for bed and enter the tent. He wakes up. By this time, it is after quiet hours (which are strictly enforced) and we are trying to keep him quiet. He falls asleep laying on my chest so I try to move him to his bed again. He sleeps for a little bit (not long enough for me to sleep) and wakes up and the process is repeated. I lost track of how many times this happens but around 1, I can't take it anymore. My back is hurting and I can't get him to quiet down. Another car ride to Wal-Mart with D going in to see if he can find a fan that runs on batteries for white noise- no such luck. We get back to camp, transfer him to bed and all is good until 7:15am. He even slept through 2 car alarms!

Saturday, we head to the beach with beautiful sand and real ocean waves. We took a picnic lunch and had a great time. S even walked in the sand which was a first. He would cry as soon as his feet touched sand and lift his legs. Very funny. He was not appreciative of the water coming up to him and getting his feet wet! Then we headed back to the campsite but stopped for ice-cream. S had fallen asleep before we were out of the parking lot so we drove around some to let him sleep.

That night, we roasted hot dogs and tried a new approach to getting S to sleep. A lot of prayer and a stroller walk. He woke up once, took the rest of his milk, slept unitl 5:45, took another stroller ride and slept until 7. We ate breakfast, packed up and drove home which took one hour and twenty five minuts with S and I sleeping the whole way and a grasshopper clinging for dear life to our front window!

S and I ate lunch as soon as we got home, I promptly threw it all up and laid on the couch the rest of the day. At 7, I went to bed and got up at 7 this morning. D is so great for taking care of S last night, finishing dinner, giving him a bath, playing with him and putting him to bed. He was up at 4:45 so I hope we haven't messed up his sleeping through the night routine with our camping trip!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Boring, Hot Day

It is just another boring, hot day here. I am really tired of this hot weather. I have decided that I want to live where the only seasons are spring and fall. Although, I like winter better than summer. It is just too hot and humid. Enough complaining.

I haven't been sick with my pregnancy. I am tired a lot and sometimes don't feel the best but definitly liveable. Sometimes, I think my I don't feel good times are all in my head and then I run to the toilet and almost puke and think, maybe not.

Last night, we sat on the back porch with our Italian neighbors and ate Hagandaz ice cream. It is our new favorite ice cream and my favorite combination is chocolate and coffee. So good. We enjoy talking with them and as always stayed up too late. It is fun building relationships with people but why is it so hard to share my love for Christ with them? I mean, we say things but most of the time, they are just silent after we say something spiritual. It will be interesting over the next few months. They will go back to Italy next May or June.

Yesterday, I took S to Target and we ate lunch there. I just love Pizza Hut personal pan cheese pizza! He is getting to be such a big boy. He can drink out of a straw so he is always wanting me to share my drink with him. I had diet coke so I didn't but as we were leaving I got lemonade and he really like that! I got him his own cup with a straw too. I still haven't gotten him off the bottle. No one seems too concerned so I guess I'm not either!

Does anyone have the Maclaren Twin Traveller stroller? Any comments about it except that it is expensive? I think that is what we are leaning towards. We aren't going to purchase it until February or March or maybe wait until after the baby is born.

D is thinking about buying an ellipitcal machine and wants to know if i will use it at home. I want to say yes, because I think that I would but I don't want to get blamed if I don't. However, it would sit in our living room staring at me while I watched tv so maybe that would be good incentive. He thinks I would be happier if I was able to exercise more. Happier with my body and happier in general. He is right. I just can't leave the house without Sage and I don't have anyone to watch him. And I don't really like videos. I don't know why.

Enough rambling. Oh, tomorrow, I get to go shopping with a friend and her new baby and I get to go without S! D is going to spend time with him! D worked 90 hours last week so is taking Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off! We might be going camping. Hopefully, it won't be too hot! And yes, I did say friend! I met her through D, he works with her husband. We actually met them for lunch when we came to visit to see if we wanted to move here. She had a baby about a month ago.