Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Week 31 and 4 days appointment

Weight: 169.5
Belly: 32 cm
Heartrate: 140

Everything looks great and is going along normally. I asked the policy on breaking water if I was dialated and she said they will not break my water even if I am in active labor. They like it to break on its own because once it is broken, the risk of infection goes up. Bummer. I was hoping that things would go similar to my first, dialted to 3 at 36 weeks and to 5 at 38 weeks, get my water broken a few days later and four hours later, have a baby! Now, I think I might be pregnant longer than with Sage. I am hoping and praying that this baby comes during spring break for Drew so he won't have to miss any classes. My mom is planning to come as soon as possible after the baby is born. We will call her when labor starts or we have a hint the baby could be coming soon and she will buy a ticket and come! There are so many small details that I pray go well with this delivery. Sage. I hope we can get him somewhere he and we are comfortable with him staying. I hope that we don't take him with us to the hospital but if worse comes to worse that isn't the worst option. Drew. School. My mom. Getting a flight and getting from the airport to our house. But I have faith that God will work everything out in His own perfect way and I am excited to see how he does it! My mind tends to think of the dramatics of everything. Like maybe my labor will be not horrible like it was with Sage before they broke my water and then whoosh here comes the water and Drew has to ride his bike home from school and I am ready to push and we have Sage and nothing packed and we have to hurry to make it to the hospital and Drew ends up pulling over and the baby is born in the car! Whew.

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