Friday, January 26, 2007

Brain Spew

Kolby had another bronchial infection this week. Yesterday was spent at the doctors office where they threatened sending me to the ER to admit Kolby. He was breathing too fast, 60ish breaths per minute, a healthy baby would be 30ish breaths per minute. They ended up sending me home with more breathing treatments, this time an inhaler made for babies, way easier than the nebulizer! It only takes 2 minutes, literally instead of 15. He does cry through it but he doesn't fight it. Last night, he had a fever and his breathing was really fast again. We almost took him to the ER but the on-call ped. was so great. He told me to give him Tylenol, that with a fever, babies will breath fast anyway, so Kolby kind of had a double whammy going. The fever came down, his breathing went to high 40s, low 50s so we stayed home and woke up every four hours for treatments. We were all in bed by 8:30 last night! The bummer thing the ped. said at the dr. office was, let's hope this doesn't turn in to asthma. Hopefully, we are on our way to mending and we can keep his breathing under control. I can start to wean him from the inhaler when i think he is ready and then keep giving him doses as long as he is coughing.


Kolby is almost 11 months old, February 9 is just around the corner. He signed "all done" today. I think he has done it before but today it was after lunch, when i asked if he was all done. He is so cute. I can't even describe it! I am sad that he is almost a year. My baby is growing up way too fast. I like having a baby. He is growing up so fast and yet, not as fast as Sage did. I remember when Sage was 10 months feeding him thinned peanut butter sandwiches and he had 4 teeth. Oh! Kolby finally got a tooth over Christmas! So, my baby is more of a baby than Sage was at his age but I still don't want him to get bigger. I had weaned Sage by this age. I am not really ready to start thinking about weaning Kolby yet. It doesn't hurt anymore and it is easy and we both enjoy it. I like that cuddle time with him. I used to be so excited for March to get here so I could wean him, now I am thinking that might not happen.


I love being a mom to 2 boys. i was doing the dishes, Sage was riding his trike around the dining room table in circles and Kolby was playing on the floor, scooting himself backwards into the desk and I looked at them and thought "I love being their mom, I love that I have 2 kids, 2 boys. They are so much fun!"


I can't wait to have more babies, more kids. No, mom, this is not an announcement, I just know our family isn't complete, we aren't done yet. I kind of think it would be nice to keep going, not take a break and get out of the baby, diaper cycle but Drew would like to wait until he is done with school and has a job. No idea why. JK. So, it also makes me a little sad that I won't have a baby for a while, if all goes as planned, which we are so great at planning our kids.

That's it, all my random thoughts that aren't long enough for a post individually and I just had to get out.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tales from the Trip

My New Year hasn't started off so smooth. We were all perfectly healthy before we boarded the plane. The day after we got there, Kolby started coughing. Then Sage, finally I succumbed to the cold. We weren't miserable, just a cold. Kolby had a bit of a fever with it, but with Tylenol, it was no big deal. A runny nose, low grade fever, and a cough. The fever cleared up, we drove to our second place to stay, my sisters.

The cough stuck around, the fever and runny nose cleared up. After a week, we transferred to our third place to stay, my brothers.

Kolby had started to get a little worse but wasn't terrible. Then he got terrible. He was so clingy and fussy. He only wanted to be held by me. He was warm, but was it because I was holding him all the time or did he have a fever. I didn't check. A mistake that I hopefully won't make again. For two nights, I was up with him a lot, like a couple hour chunks at a time. I was exhausted. Finally, my mom says she thinks I should take him to the ER (it was a Sunday). I hemmed and hawed and called my mother in law who works as a pediatric triage nurse. She said take him in. I hemmed and hawed. We called my brothers neighbor who used to be an EMT. He said take him in. I decided to take him in.

He was diagnosed with a bronchial virus, probably RSV, but the nurse didn't realize it was a nose swab test and kept waiting for the blood test to come back and a double ear infection. We were sent home with a nebulizer for albueteral treatments every 4 hours around the clock and amoxicillin. I was already tired. I got more worn down, but a little more sleep. The amoxicillin gave him diarrhea but not enough to be of concern.

My mom decided we should come and stay in a hotel with her so she could help me with the night time treatments. During the two hour drive, Sage wasn't looking so hot. But he wanted milk and food and treats so I of course, gave him everything he asked for. We stopped to nurse Kolby and my mom bought Sage a sucker. I put a bib on him because he is such a drooler and I didn't want chocolate, sticky, drool on his clothes. Then he barfed. Everything. I don't handly puke. My mom cleaned it up. All of it. She is a great mom.

Kolby slept through the 11 pm and would usually wake up to nurse after the 3 am time. Sage slept through all the treatments. The first one, he woke up and I explained that I had to give Kolby his treatment and did he want to help. He sat with me on the bed, with his hand on my lap while I held the nozzle to Kolby's face. The treatment took about 10 - 12 minutes and about half way through, he got up, walked to his bed and half laid, half stood there. Then he announced "Me poopy."

The next morning, we made our way back to my in laws, our fourth and final destination before glorious home. Sage threw up some toast and water breakfast at the hotel in the breakfast room, on a paper plate and the floor. I don't think it totally counted as throwing up because he was coughing pretty hard and then it came up and it wasn't everything he ate, just a little bit.

The drive part went great. We stopped at Culvers to nurse Kolby, give him a treatment and feed ourselves. Sage was on a bread and water diet. I sat down to start nursing Kolby and felt a wet spot. He had a blow out. At that point, I should have thought, of course, we are just one disaster after another this trip.

The rest of the trip was smooth driving.

The next exciting thing that happened was going to church with my in-laws. I wasn't going to risk putting the boys in a nursery the day before we are supposed to fly out, so I kept them with me. They did great, that isn't the good part. During the closing song, the fire alarm went off. The song leaders kept singing, no one seemed to notice. I immediatly gathered our coats and started putting them on and was explaining to Sage what was going on and what we are doing. Then everyone started moving and I was in the way. It isn't a small task putting coats on two wiggly boys and trying to do it quickly and calmly. There wasn't a fire, but a flood. A pipe froze from the sprinkler system and flooded the front of the worship space.

I think I will talk to Sage about what he should do if he hears a fire alarm at our house. We should all have a plan.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Almost MIA

We finally returned home from a month long hiatus called "My husband went to China for 2 weeks right after the new year and I am not staying 24 hours away from all relatives while he is gone." Whew.

Sage, Kolby and I moved from house to house for almost a month, stayed at 4 different places, took Kolby to the ER once, gave him countless albueterall treatments and amoxicillan for a double ear infection. I was so looking forward to being home. My own stuff! My bed! My car! My kitchen! My space! My kids beds! Then, the morning we were supposed to get on a plane and fly home, I got sick. I felt awful. But that was not stopping me. Drew arrived home the day before and I was not going to spend one more night away from him. I showered, dressed the boys, packed the bags, loaded the van, strapped in the boys, and stopped at Target for Immodium AD where I was told the manufacturer says it's not safe for nursing moms, American Academy of Pediatrics says it is safe. I took the second opinion. And it worked! I still felt awful and nervous for action down there. But I made it.

The plane was delayed. Kolby had already missed his morning nap. Finally on the plane he konked out while nursing. But then Sage needed a dvd switch and with the rummaging, he woke up, never to return to lala land again while flying. He was so fussy. I kept trying to nurse him, switching sides, he would suck then start crying. I was rocking him and rocking him. He was the kind of fussy where it wasn't constant but as the mom I felt like I had to constantly soothe him because i just didn't know what would set him off. But i kept telling myself, make it to baggage claim, Drew will be there and he will solve everything.

As we got off the plane, Sage wanted to walk and then said "Me, wet." I look down to see his jeans are drenched. I had changed him before the first time we were supposed to get on, not the second and actual time. So, what I thought was going to be a 4 hour diaper (long stretch, I know but how was I going to change it on the plane with two kids) turned into about a 6 hour diaper with a couple of milks and juices so his ears wouldn't hurt. Do you think I had extra pants for him in my carry on? No. Kolby? Yes. Good planning. I found a bathroom, changed him decided to go myself and then change Kolby also. Drew starts calling. I explain. He keeps calling as I am trying to push a double stroller, carry my overflowing carry on, not drop or roll over our coats and not think about the fact that my 2 year old is sitting in the stroller wearing no pants. And I am out of breath because I am so sick and I am sweating.

I answer as I walk in to baggage claim and say "I'm here, at baggage claim 2." I start looking for him, I just want a hug. I don't see him.

He says "I am here and all the luggage has come off and yours wasn't here."

I look around, see a piece of our luggage coming around the bend and say "I see a piece, come to baggage claim 2." We hang up. I collect all 4 pieces of luggage which now that I have all 4 bags, 3 rolling and one duffell, I can't physically move us and Drew isn't there yet. I move us to the side. I get an offer for a baggage cart then for someone to send a porter. No thanks, my husband will be here in one minute.

Drew calls again. "What airport are you at?"


"I'm at Laguardia."

I hang up, sit down in front of the stroller and sobbingly say "Sage, dada went to the wrong airport, he isn't here." Sage yells at me "No sad!" Like pull it together woman! Then a few minutes later, he is starts to cry, "Dada!" A nice man, a porter I think, helps me move out of the baggage claim and by a door. He refuses my tip. Kindness of strangers. I pull out the Starburst that I hadn't given Sage on the plane since he is demanding to eat and the machine won't take my $1 so I can buy crackers. About a half hour later, Drew is there, gets us to the car and we barely pack in our luggage and start the 1.5 hour ride home. I had collapsed into his arms, started crying and then he pushed me out and said "I'm illegally parked, we gotta go!"

When we finally got home, I collapsed into bed with chills and shakes. A day passed and then Drew and Kolby got it. Last night and today were no fun. I am exhausted and not sure why I am still awake.