Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Smartest Toddler Award

And it goes to...

SAGE! Of course! Today I had a conversation with him Sage style. I asked him if he would like a snack, he answered by signing hungry and nodding yes. I gave him a bowl mixed with cheerios and ginger cookies (they really are decently healthy). He picked through the bowl eating only the cookies. When they were gone, he signed more please. I said you don't want the cheerios? He shook his head no and I said oh only the cookies, he shook his head yes and signed more please. I gave him more and he signed thank you!

I can't believe how much he understands and then it frustrates me that he doesn't speak. He always gets his point across. Usually by signing or pointing. He does say dada, ba (bath), ba (ball) and those two really do sound different, and mama. He signs or has made his own signs for hot, water, music, more, hungry, banana, please, thank you, and milk.

He doesn't drink much water. He asks for milk and if I give him water he makes a yucky face. But I think he drinks too much milk and I don't want to give him too much juice. I tried having him drink a cup of water today and he only drank about half.

Anyway... he is so much fun. It is hard to believe how much and how fast he has grown over the last 17 months.

I leave you with a picture of Sage and all his cousins at Christmas. Yes, there are 7 boys under the age of 5 and I will add another boy to the group this March! And yes, my child is the one screaming his head off!

Back Row: Samantha and Britta
Front Row: Chase, Tate, Ethan, Noah, Sage, Daniel and Caleb


  1. That's great that you've achieved so much with the baby signs.. I think we made it to "dog" and "ceiling fan" - :)

    Faith went on a milk kick and stayed on it.. but she's recently started liking water too.. I also try and avoid the juice - no rotting teeth please!!

    Very cute pic!

  2. It is just amazing to me how they learn so much, so fast! So cool! I can just see him toddling around and voicing his likes and dislikes!



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