Wednesday, February 08, 2012

February 4

I know I'm 4 days late with this but I did take them on the 4th, that counts for something, right?

 Sage and Kolby are dressed for their basketball games. Since we've been going to two basketball games every Saturday, it seemed appropriate. Let's just say, Annika is not appreciating the gym rat status. Those games are exhausting for me!
 Annika loves shoes. She usually brings one or two for us to put on her. I haven't gone through them and gotten rid of the ones that are too small, so she spent a good portion of her day upset that she couldn't get her jelly sandal on from last summer.
We were having a really hard time keeping Ani in the picture, so Drew resorted to joining them. It ended up with a squished Kolby in the corner and an upset Annika.

I'm going to cherish these pictures and the amount of work they take to get them, right? (grin)