Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's Official

I went to the doctor today. I am 6 weeks pregnant and due March 25. My first appointment is August 31. Crazy. We will have one baby born at every school Drew has attended! Hopefully, this is the last school but not the last baby!

More Changes

The biggest change of the summer is that by next summer, we will have another baby! Yes, I am pregnant again. I am guessing that I am about 5 or 6 weeks along. We are very surprised but excited. I haven't found a midwife yet so I haven't been to the doctor to get the official test.

I took Sage to his one year appointment yesterday and he is 30 inches and weighs 23 pounds. He is in the 75th percentile for height and 60th for weight. His head however, is in the 95th percentile! He screamed for the shots and again when they pricked his finger. It will be interesting taking him at 15 months to see if he remembers what happens there.

That is all the news. I am feeling pretty good, just incredibly, tired. Like unsafe, should I be carrying my one year old tired. It is amazing what your body goes through and the person on the street can't tell at all. God is amazing at how he created our bodies.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Long Time No Blog

So, it has been awhile since I have blogged. I might not remember how to do this. Just kidding.

We went to NYC Friday and Sunday. We took the train in, about an hour and forty-five minute ride. We saw Ground Zero. It was (I can't even think of a word to describe it, amazing isn't right, but it kind of is right). I had never been to NYC so hadn't seen the World Trade Center before. I was amazed at how large the hole is. It is so deep. I, of course, cried just looking. They have a timeline displayed of exactly what happened at what time with a diagram of how the planes came in from two different angles. They didn't have any pictures of the plane actually hitting the building. My husband pointed that out. He thought they should so it would remind people exactly how awful the terrorists are. I agree that it would be good to portray those images. Even though it would be really hard to look at.

We also saw the Empire State Building and waited in the line for 45 minutes to go to the top. It was amazing and beautiful. I never would have imagined how quiet and peaceful it is up there. Sage really liked looking out and had absolutly no fear. He was sticking his head through the fence! While waiting in line, an employee told us that we couldn't wait in line with Sage sitting on Drew's shoulders. It is a little scary that they can tell us that. Like we aren't good parents. Everyone in line was disappointed because he was waving and smiling at people and dinging fingers with some. He is quite the entertainer!

We also went to the Guggenheim Museaum. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and only the building was interesting to me. I could have skipped the art. Why are naked people considered art? I don't get it.

We walked through part of Central Park. It is so beautiful! There are so many places for Sage to swing and play, unfortunatly, he was sleeping! I definitly want to see more of Central Park. There were so many runners. It encouraged Drew and I to run. My mom is here this week so she can be with Sage if we go early in the morning and then we are going to buy a jogging stroller. A cheap one.

My mom is visiting this week which is awesome. Sage thinks she is the greatest and I get to do things that would normally be difficult like get a haircut, go to a movie with Drew, and go to a knitting class tonight! I have always wanted to learn to knit and Drew has always wanted me to have a hobby! Well, this is one that isn't too expensive, but I have to learn. So, hopefully these classes will help.

Haircuts are really expensive here. I didn't have a recommendation from anyone so I paid $40 because they had a website that I could check out. I didn't want to pay for a cheap haircut and then end up getting it fixed. I guess since I cut my hair a couple times a year that isn't so bad. But in Ames, I thought $25 was expensive!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Birthday Bubby!

Today Sage is one year old! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone. God is so amazing to create a baby to grow and learn so much in the first year of life. I praise God today for having one year with Sage. He is such a blessing. We got him a toy that he can walk behind and it turns into a ride on toy and a pair of Robeez shoes. One fun and one practical gift, since he is only one and won't remember any of this! Last night, Drew and I made a birthday onesie for Sage. It says Birthday Bubby! with colors flying out around it. It is green, blue, yellow and orange. Pretty cute.

Tomorrow, we are going to NYC! Drew is taking the whole weekend off work and we are going to take the train to NYC Friday and Sunday. It should be an adventure. I guess the train isn't air conditioned and it is supposed to be hot and muggy with a small chance of rain. It probably won't rain because I bought the rain cover for the stroller. I also got a bottle warmer. It is pretty cool. It is this liqued that heats up somehow. It is only $10. But I have to get another one because we will be gone for 2 milks and you have to boil it before you can use it again. I was reading online and a lady said she puts the gel packs in the fridge and they keep the milk cold until ready for use, then you switch it on. It takes about 10 minutes to heat up. And no, he doesn't still take a bottle (well, for half his feedings) it works with sippy cups too.

I am excited to tell you what I think about NYC!

Monday, July 11, 2005


Sage got his leg stuck in the carriage (cart) again! This time we were at my normal grocery store of Stop-n-Shop. And guess what? A sweet little old lady noticed it and was going on and on about how I needed to go get someone to help me get him out because he is crying (because I of course had tried to pull his leg out). So, she pulls a guy in, he pulls another guy in, by the time his leg was freed (after much crying) there were about 10 store employees and probably 10 shoppers all standing in the middle of the aisle watching and giving suggestions. I go to finish my shopping and get stopped 4 times by people asking if he is okay. I carried him the rest of the time, by the way. One employee that stopped me started out by saying "it is none of my business but you should get one of those things that covers the cart" and then she says, "I started crying just watching him, I had to leave, I felt so bad for him." Anyone remember last time this happened? One person (mui) to get him out with one stick of butter. Not a bottle of water and a bottle of dish soap. I guess I will go buy the shop and play thing. There goes another $20. It was kind of traumatic. I did feel like crying but thought I was silly for thinking that. At the end another lady said to me, you were so calm!

Another day in the life...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Boring Blog

We had a fun fourth! We went to the beach and hung out at home. Then we watched fireworks in the harbor. They were really pretty and Sage liked most of them. There were a couple loud ones that he started to cry at but mostly he sat in my lap, unmoving amazed. His birthday is almost here. He will be one! And pretty soon he will not be a baby but a toddler! He is working on walking. He walks around furniture and holding onto our hands. He gets mad when we don't want to walk around with him anymore. For his birthday, we got him a thing he can walk behind. And a pair of shoes. I am sure he will be thrilled!

Not much has happened this week (besides the fourth). Sage has been sleeping unitl almost 8 which is nice but he is still getting up in the middle of the night. Last night it was twice. 11:30 and 3:30. His diaper was pretty full at 3:30 and he only drank 2oz of the bottle. I just can't figure this kid out. Mom always says once you think you have them figured out they change! I have enjoyed sleeping until almost 8. I wonder how long it will last.

I have been having a really hard time getting Sage into a dr. for his one year check-up. It is really hard to get an appointment. And very frustrating. I had to get a primary care physician and figure out which one is accepting new patients. I finally got one and then it was one that can't see Sage. She was an APRN which sees teenagers apparantly. So I had to change the pcp and call back. Now, they told me to call Friday morning when the scedules are out. It is pretty frustrating.

My husband let Sage type on the computer the other day. Big mistake, now he thinks he can always type and throws a fit if he isn't allowed. In fact, he is throwing more fits lately. I don't know how to handle him sometimes. He will even throw a fit over eating breakfast. Yesterday, he didn't want the oatmeal and bananas I made for him and we went through 15 minutes of crying before he finally took a bite and realized that he liked it. Every meal it seems like I have to convince him to try it and then he remembers that he likes it and keeps eating but sometimes getting him to take that first bite is really hard. Last night, I gave him some Gerber strawberry apple fluffy things. He didn't want to eat them for some reason. Drew decided he needed to try one. So after forcing two in his mouth that he promptly spit out, the third one stayed in and then he started feeding them to himself. He is a piece of work.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Remember how Sage slept through the night when he was in our room temporarily while his grandparents were here? The first night he was in his own room again, he woke up at 3am. Then my mind started turning. What if we always slept in the same room as him? It wouldn't hurt to have a family room, would it? I mean he isn't sleeping in our bed, he is sleeping in his own bed he just likes to know we are close, I guess. We are seriously considering moving our bed into his room and all sleeping in the same room. The positives are that we could get a futon for the other room and it could become a reading/guest room. I like that idea. I also like that I could be near Sage when Andrew isn't home when we are sleeping. Andrew will go back to work from 8:30 to midnight so I like the comfort of knowing that Sage and I are in the same room. His late nights will continue when grad school starts in the fall too. My moms two cents are to baby him when he is a baby and that someday he won't want to be around us so enjoy it while it lasts! I agree but on the other hand, am I creating a monster? Will this be really hard to reverse someday? Will we end up with all our kids sleeping in one room with us? I guess this is how it was in the old days. One room cabin. Any comments?

On a more serious note. The other day I was laying Sage down for a nap and started to think about what if God asked me to give up my son to save the world? Would I be able to do it? I doubt it. I am selfish. I can't comprehend the anguish God must have gone through watching his son die on a cross and knowing that he could prevent it. It is something so unfathomable especially now that I have a son. I just started to cry, God is so good to us, giving us eternal life to spend with him. Why would he want such a selfish, bratty, horrible person like me to spend with him forever. He is amazing.

On a lighter note. I went to the grocery store yesterday. I hadn't wanted to put Sage in the cart (I mean carriage) because it was rusty and seemed dirty. By the end of the trip, he was getting so heavy and I was moving so slowly, I relented and put him in the seat. I finished my shopping, paid for the groceries and loaded them in the trunk. All the while, Sage is sitting happily in the carriage. I return the carriage to the covered parking spot and lift Sage out. Or I try to lift Sage out. He is stuck. At some point, he took his chubby little leg and put it through the opening right next to the leg opening. His leg is stuck. I push his leg, he cries. I am thinking what do I do? Do I go back in the store and ask for help? I am praying Lord, please help me to think. I bought butter! I wheel him back to the car, open the trunk, find the butter and open a stick. By this time a hispanic family is walking by exclaiming oh know, he's stuck. I unwrap the butter, rub it on his leg around the bars it slides out, then his foot is stuck, I push and pull, he cries, finally free at last!