Friday, January 27, 2006

Room Time

I started something new with Sage about a week or two ago. Room time. He gets a snack and juice and I turn on the music in his room and I keep some toys in there and he plays by himself in his room for about 30 minutes. It started out that he would cry for like 30 seconds when I shut the door and then it went to a whine but he was always agreeable about going in for room time. Today when I shut the door, and said love you, he looked at me and smiled! I am glad that I am establishing this room time before the baby is born. It is time for me to get some chores done around the house that aren't easy to do with him around or blog or shower, whatever I want to use it for.

He is a really good little boy. We definitly have our moments but overall, he is sweet and loving. He says juice very clearly and everything in his sippy cup or a cup is juice, even a water bottle is juice. He also says bye, ball, bath, on or off (not sure) and others that I can't think of. Many are b words and they tend to sound alike. But we can usually understand because of the context in which he uses them. This morning while coloring, I was telling him the colors and then saying can you say ..... And it sounded like he said blue but again, it is a b word, so I wasn't sure and he wouldn't repeat it. He asked to go bye this morning. I think he is bored. I slept terribly last night, waking with braxton hics and an aching lower back so I cancelled our museum plans. I slept for a couple hours on our big, comfy, black chair in the living room. It is similar to a lazy boy and it really helped my back to sleep sitting up somewhat. Drew came out worried about me at 5:30. I didn't wake him up to tell him what I was doing. I figured he might as well get some good sleep.

Tonight Drew and I are going to the Yale vs. Harvard basketball game. Yep, for free. And then I think we will go out to eat. Should be fun. Hopefully, it is a fun game!

Are braxton hics supposed to wake you up in the middle of the night?

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