Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Free Flights!

Did anyone hear about the Wendy's and Airtran promotion? Collect 64 coupons on a Wendy's medium or biggie cup, send them to Airtran and get credit for a free roundtrip ticket? Well, my brother and sister-n-law were collecting them and slowly but surely getting free tickets. Christmas break, my brother suggests that he and Drew go dumpster diving for Wendy's cups. They went two nights to a total of 6 Wendy's and got like 550 cups. Drew and I each got enough for 2 free roundtrip tickets plus 32 more coupons for a one way ticket. What were we going to do with a one way ticket? We decided to sell them on Ebay. It has been a nightmare. Apparantly, there are some weird travel and ticket rules on Ebay and our auctions kept getting pulled. Finally, we got it right and sold 2 packs of 16 coupons each for $39! We made $80 plus the 4 free airline tickets! It will be slightly annoying to travel Airtran since we have to fly out of NY and through there hub in Atlanta, GA. But, it will only cost us the amount of tax so, we will just deal. Beggars can't be choosers!

Monday, January 30, 2006


The other night, I was laying on our couch watching tv when I heard some shouting. I muted the tv to hear what they were saying and then all of a sudden there was banging on the door to our building. My living room, is right next to that door, so it was loud and scary. There were several voices and I heard something about money being shouted. I ran to the kitchen to call the police, couldn't find the non-emergency number, tried dialing 911, got cut off, called Drew who gave me the number and finally called the police. By that time, my neighbor had come out of her apartment and yelled through the non-locked door for the man to go away, you don't live here (benefits of living in a small building). She is an older woman and I told her she was brave to open her door. She told the police that there were 3 African American boys beating up a 50 year old white man. He had cuts and blood on his face and he was the one pounding on the door. Thank God he didn't try to open it and come in. Our front door locks, but has to be relocked each and every time someone unlocks it to come in. I am going to start locking it every night. I think I will also talk to the other tenants and ask them to try to remember to start locking it after they enter.

My thoughts probably scare me the most. When I ran out of the living room, I thought that I should crawl so I don't get hit by any bullets. I hadn't heard any shots. And then I thought maybe I should get my son out of bed and hold him while this got figured out. He didn't make a peep. But he seemed safer with me than without. I didn't get him out of bed, by the way.

My question is this: What constitutes an emergency? When should I call 911 and when just the non-emergency number? I tried calling 911 on my cell, but should have called it from my home so they could trace the call. Not that I was under such stress that I couldn't remember my address.

Just another difference of living on the east coast versus the midwest. The one time my husband called the police in the midwest, we were apartment managers and there was a very loud, drunk party going on across the street. Nothing scary, just loud and annoying. We have each called the police once so far while living here. I forget why the first time, but I don't remember being scared, but Drew was here that time.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Room Time

I started something new with Sage about a week or two ago. Room time. He gets a snack and juice and I turn on the music in his room and I keep some toys in there and he plays by himself in his room for about 30 minutes. It started out that he would cry for like 30 seconds when I shut the door and then it went to a whine but he was always agreeable about going in for room time. Today when I shut the door, and said love you, he looked at me and smiled! I am glad that I am establishing this room time before the baby is born. It is time for me to get some chores done around the house that aren't easy to do with him around or blog or shower, whatever I want to use it for.

He is a really good little boy. We definitly have our moments but overall, he is sweet and loving. He says juice very clearly and everything in his sippy cup or a cup is juice, even a water bottle is juice. He also says bye, ball, bath, on or off (not sure) and others that I can't think of. Many are b words and they tend to sound alike. But we can usually understand because of the context in which he uses them. This morning while coloring, I was telling him the colors and then saying can you say ..... And it sounded like he said blue but again, it is a b word, so I wasn't sure and he wouldn't repeat it. He asked to go bye this morning. I think he is bored. I slept terribly last night, waking with braxton hics and an aching lower back so I cancelled our museum plans. I slept for a couple hours on our big, comfy, black chair in the living room. It is similar to a lazy boy and it really helped my back to sleep sitting up somewhat. Drew came out worried about me at 5:30. I didn't wake him up to tell him what I was doing. I figured he might as well get some good sleep.

Tonight Drew and I are going to the Yale vs. Harvard basketball game. Yep, for free. And then I think we will go out to eat. Should be fun. Hopefully, it is a fun game!

Are braxton hics supposed to wake you up in the middle of the night?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Week 31 and 4 days appointment

Weight: 169.5
Belly: 32 cm
Heartrate: 140

Everything looks great and is going along normally. I asked the policy on breaking water if I was dialated and she said they will not break my water even if I am in active labor. They like it to break on its own because once it is broken, the risk of infection goes up. Bummer. I was hoping that things would go similar to my first, dialted to 3 at 36 weeks and to 5 at 38 weeks, get my water broken a few days later and four hours later, have a baby! Now, I think I might be pregnant longer than with Sage. I am hoping and praying that this baby comes during spring break for Drew so he won't have to miss any classes. My mom is planning to come as soon as possible after the baby is born. We will call her when labor starts or we have a hint the baby could be coming soon and she will buy a ticket and come! There are so many small details that I pray go well with this delivery. Sage. I hope we can get him somewhere he and we are comfortable with him staying. I hope that we don't take him with us to the hospital but if worse comes to worse that isn't the worst option. Drew. School. My mom. Getting a flight and getting from the airport to our house. But I have faith that God will work everything out in His own perfect way and I am excited to see how he does it! My mind tends to think of the dramatics of everything. Like maybe my labor will be not horrible like it was with Sage before they broke my water and then whoosh here comes the water and Drew has to ride his bike home from school and I am ready to push and we have Sage and nothing packed and we have to hurry to make it to the hospital and Drew ends up pulling over and the baby is born in the car! Whew.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Guess what Sage and I did today?!

We walked to the scary grocery store. Come to find out, not that scary and actually quite nice! There are verses on the walls of the grocery store as are the Ten Commandments. The bags say, "Smile God loves you!" The walk there is the scary part and even that, not so scary. It just looks scary because you walk under the interstate where it is darker and there is a lot of broken glass. I stand out in the neighborhood with my bright blonde hair, but no one batted an eyelash at me. So, I probably won't be buying regular groceries there, it is nice to have for things I have forgotten or need to fill in like milk, bread and eggs. And it is nice to be able to walk there.

Guess what else I did today? Nearly finished Sage's month by month book. I have journaled all but month 12. I need a picture for month 9, 10 and 12, add some stickers and journal on month 12 and all done. Now, he will know that I love him. And I can show him this book when the new baby comes and say see how tiny you were? Now, for the one year scrapbook, maybe I should try to do a few pages a day instead of watching tv in the evening.

I haven't been sleeping all that well. Not surprising. I wake up every couple of hours and have had trouble falling asleep at night. But I shouldn't complain because I know there are others who sleep a lot worse than me. I have started sleeping with a pillow between my legs and under my belly and that has helped. I also have had a lot of dreams. I don't like dreaming, it makes me feel unrested. My husband says the opposite.

Baby Book

Am I the only first time mother out there with her first sons baby book of his first year not done and he is now 18 months old? I feel pretty guilty about this. I am the fourth child. My baby book consists of my name, maybe how much I weighed. I won't go into it because I know my mom feels guilty about this. Do you think there is more pressure on us as moms today with the whole scrapbooking world? I mean, a lot of baby books, you fill things in and then add a few pictures. Scrapbooking and journaling is a whole different story.

I got Sage's out today to work on. I also for some idiotic reason decided I would do a small month to month book. It is a 5x7 album that I took a picture of him each month by the same bear that his nana bought for him as a newborn. And then on the other side of the page, I write about what he did that month, new things he learned, his first airplane ride etc. The problem is, months 10,11, and 12, I didn't write anything down. Not that he stopped growing, learning and doing new things, I just didn't write them down. In my defense, we moved month 10 across the country and well that is my excuse. Today, I am trying to finish that book. I am also missing 3 pictures, months 9, 10 and 12. Those just need a run to Target or a quick send off to clarkcolor.com (11 cent Kodak prints!).

And then there are the 1000 pictures we have of him and I already sorted through those and printed off 300 for his album. 300 pictures are not needed nor will they fit. It is ridiculous. I have to remind myself that his life is well documented and I can't fit them all in one book, but he will have them on cd's forever.

Have I mentioned that my mom sells Creative Memories? So, all of my supplies (until Drew gets a real job) are free. Looking at everything that I have, I feel more guilty. She has invested a lot of money into me and scrapbooking. Not only that, I can't go the cheaters route and buy the pre made baby scrapbook and stick in my pictures and add some journaling. Nor can I buy the albums where you just stick your pictures in and say nothing! I am trying. I just wish she could come for a week and all we do is work on this baby book. Because having someone by your side while you do it, telling you good job, that looks good, good work, and having ideas for when you feel like every page looks the same, really, really helps. But she is planning on coming for the birth of the baby, not the finishing of the first baby's scrapbook. Maybe another time.

And now, I need to be done with this blog so I can finish that book!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

New baby, New ways

I have been thinking more about how I am going to be with this new baby. And I think I am leaning toward a mixture of attachement and scheduling. Does that make sense? For example, Sage slept one or two nights in the same room as us besides when we travelled. This baby is actually going to be sleeping in a co-sleeper right next to me. (A friend is giving it to me after her last baby outgrows it.) I am excited for this and concerned all at the same time. I am excited to try it but am worried about such things as my husband waking the baby early in the morning. It isn't uncommon for Drew to set the alarm for 5:30 or 6:30 and I don't want to start my day at that time. And I wonder how well I will sleep. I will probably get used to all the baby noises but I do wonder. I am also going to try swaddling this baby. Sage was born in July and it always seemed too hot and I ended up letting him sleep on his tummy because he would wake himself on his back by flailing his arms. I bought this cool Kiddopotomus swaddler that is the right size and uses velcro to keep the baby tight. And I have a Baby Bjorn carrier that I imagine I will use a lot more with this second baby than I did the first. Errands such as grocery shopping and trips to Target will be made easier if Sage can continue to sit in the seat which means to have room to buy anything, I can't put the carrier in the back but need to also have my hands free to grab my purchases. It sounds so exciting and new and scary!

I have decided not to take Sage out of his crib. Maybe we will try around his two year birthday which would make the baby 4 months old. Then we will see about making the transition fromour room to Sages room. The co-sleeper can be used until he is 6 months old and then if we have to, he can sleep in the pack-n-play. Sage does so well in his crib and he seems so little for a huge bed. Not to mention that he stands up and jumps in his crib and talks to himself which usually buys me a bit of time in the morning before I get him out of bed. I wonder too about how I am going to feed both boys right away in the morning. Sage still gets a sippy cup of milk warmed up right away in the morning and I always hold him while he drinks it. It is like our cuddle, wake up time. I don't want to give that up. I am just not worrying about it and hoping it works itself out!

I am also going to try desperatly hard to get this baby to take a pacifier. I just like the idea that it will calm the baby, reduce the risk of SIDS, and when I think he is too old, I can throw it away. Have I mentioned that Sage has just recently started wanting a pacifier? Only in the car, but I am thinking I should throw them away so that habit gets kicked before the baby comes. Silly that at 18 months, he all of the sudden is interested in a pacy.

I am getting more and more excited to see what this baby looks like. I think I have been so preoccupied with how I am going to handle two kids that I haven't thought too much about how sweet it will be to have a newborn and change 10 - 12 diapers a day and to nurse every 3 hours and to not get a full night of sleep and to be spit up on and to see his first smile and to watch him grow and develop and interact with Sage. There will be good times and bad and I am guessing that the good will outweigh the bad!

I am 31 weeks yesterday, down to single digits for how much time is left. I bought the changing pad mattress today for our dresser. We still need a dresser and I need to wash the clothes, and buy the double stroller. Not too much to do. After we decide about a dresser, that will help so I can organize Sage's room. Currently, he has a stack of clothes on top of his dresser. Some for next winter for him and some of the babies and the babies are scrunched into half of his dresser. I also need to buy a storage container and put away Sage's t-shirts from last summer that don't fit anymore. It won't take that long, just waiting for a dresser decision. We thought about buying plastic drawers from Target but that will be a temporary solution for a long term problem. Anyway... I need to give Sage a bath and put him to bed!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thankful Thursday

I almost forgot!

1. For my friend, Tasha, who buys me lunch at the mall. Unnecessary but sweet. And she makes me laugh while we are together!

2. Sage being nice to the other kids at the play area at mall today. Exept for the one he smacked in the face. But then he was nice and petted his head!

3. Sage giving me random hugs, kisses and snuggles!

4. Drew sending me a very sweet text message (since he has been at school for 15+ hours today).

5. People who are kind enough to tell an 8 month pregnant woman that she looks great! Liars, but it makes me feel good!

18 Month Well Baby

I took Sage to his 18 month well baby check up yesterday. He weighs 28 lbs 11 oz and is 33 inches tall. I forgot to ask where that is on the growth chart. He was really good. He wouldn't say any words for the dr but he did let her examine him without crying and he did cry during the shots but not for very long.

I felt like a bad mom. I didn't change his diaper before we went. We got there and his diaper had leaked. His onesie was all wet as were his jeans. He had to wear wet jeans home. He could have cared less. He never cares if his diaper is wet or poopy. He would stay in it for as long as I would let him, which isn't long when I figure it out! Oh well, I am sure they have seen worse.

He is still into coloring except the most fascinating parts are taking the marker caps on and off and putting the crayons into and out of the bag. Not much coloring actually takes place. Why does he put crayons and markers in his mouth? At least they are non-toxic.

We were at the mall today and he was playing in the playland and smacked a little boy on the face. Then he started "petting" him on the head since that is how we taught him to be gentle. Maybe petting the head wasn't such a great idea.

I am loving buying matching shirts for the boys. The other day I got excited because I will be able to buy them matching shirts for Easter! What a dumb thing to get excited about. But Drew even piped up and said yeah, all 3 of us could match! How cute!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Not much to say

A random family picture taken at Rockefeller Center.

I missed delurking week last week. I don't know why. I delurked on some of my favorite sites. I have also found some new blogs to read daily. I haven't figured out how to make a blogroll but have thought about trying to figure it out.

30 weeks and counting now. It has gone really fast. He moves a lot and is starting to not just kick but stretch and push against me. I have braxton hics daily. I counted 3 during church on Sunday, so nothing to be worried about, but I definitly notice them!

Drew is going to London for a few days next month. I must admit that I am a little jealous. I would love to go to London! Normally, I would try to figure out how to get out of here but by that time, I will be 34 weeks pregnant. I don't know what the cutoff is for flying but I decided that I would be uncomfortable enough that it wouldn't be worth it flying with 2 infants in my lap! I think I will go stay with a friend for a few days who lives about an hour away. Hopefully, we can make it to a mall in NY that she has been telling me about! The loneliest part of the day will be dinnertime without Drew. I don't love cooking so making dinner for Sage and I seems boring. Of course, I will feed us, it just won't be gormet or anything, not that it ever is.

Tonight we had taco soup and corn bread. I have declared Sunday nights a "no cook" night for me so everyone (except Sage) is on their own. Drew isn't usually home anyway, so it means I feed Sage either leftovers or something that I would normally give him for lunch. Speaking of lunch, any ideas for a toddler? I am not too creative. He gets peanut butter sandwiches, cheese and crackers (whole wheat), macaroni and cheese, and sides of varying fruit. Any ideas? I would really appreciate them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pregnancy Update Week 29

Weight: 168

I had my dr. appointment today. It had been 6 weeks since my last visit and my weight gain was 14lbs! Yikes. I knew that was coming. I measured 30, but technically I will be 30 weeks Saturday so that doesn't seem like a big deal to me. My total weight gain is 25lbs so far. My goal was less but, what can you do? I would really like to see myself not go over 178, that would be 35lbs total. Think I can do it?! We'll see. More fruits and less crap for me! Well, for today.

I told her about some wierd movements that I have felt. It feels like a spastic movement. All of the sudden I will feel a rapid fast movement. I haven't felt it for 2 days now but it is something that I have noticed again and again. She said it is probably just a weird movement that my baby does! All his other movements are normal and getting stronger. Also, I asked about braxton hics and she said up to 8 an hour is normal but if it starts feeling like the beginning of labor to call. I don't think I get that many an hour, just more than I did with Sage.

I now start going to the dr. every 2 weeks. And my appointments are later in the afternoon like 3 which means a longer wait because she has had all day to get backed up. Bummer. But it means I am closer to the end of pregnancy! Today, they told me she was 2 hours behind but then I got called about an hour after my scheduled appointment and ended up seeing someone else. I saw a midwife (which I normally see), but this one could actually deliver me. I also asked about what to do when I go into labor, who to call etc. and who might deliver me at the hospital. The run down is since I am a midwife patient, I will most likely be delivered by a midwife. Currently, there are 3 midwives at the hospital whom I won't meet before delivery and two that deliver and see patients in the office. I have met one. Unfortunatly, they are 1 person short, so if I go into labor on a Sunday or Monday night, I will be delivered by a resident midwife.

A first year med student is "shadowing" me to learn more about pregnancy. He is about 21 or 22 and his knowledge of pregnancy is very limited. Anyway, he is very nice and has been coming to my appointments. He will also try to be at the labor and delivery. It is strange, especially after the first week and I saw him at church! Kind of weird, but he is learning and I am glad to help. He told the midwife and me today that until last week, he didn't know what a tampon was! Kind of funny. Too bad, he can't shadow me for a day and I could relay all the aches and pains and other no fun stuff that goes with pregnancy! He was curious why I prefer a midwife to deliver me. I said because typically, midwives are more apt to let things take a natural course which is what I prefer. I don't want to have drugs and I don't want to be offered them, making it easier to take them. I did it with Sage, so why not try again. With Sage, I started dialating at 36 weeks and by 38 weeks was 5cm dialated at my office visit. I went in one night with consistent contractions but by the time I got to the hospital, they stopped. I was sent home with instructions to come back in if anything started again and they would break my water. That night at about 10 I went in, they broke my water and Sage was born at 2:18. I am not saying that was the easiest 4 hours of my life, but it was bearable. By the time, I said I can't do it anymore, I was dialtated to 9.5, so no turning back. Anyway, since he asked me that, I thought I better write a birth plan and take it to one of my next appointments. I also need to set up a time to tour the hospital so we can figure out where we go during the day and after hours.

New Bib

Since Sage has started to feed himself more and more, I noticed a step up in a bib might be necessary. Food tends to spill more easily. I bought a Baby Bjorn soft bib. You know the ones with the big pocket to catch dropped food. He has used it once and it is great! I didn't have to pick food out from in between and beneath his legs. It was a little pricey, $7, but so far seems to be worth it. If only I had it this morning for breakfast when he kept dropping cheerios off his spoon. There is always tomorrow!

I have a dr. appointment today so will post later all the exciting details!

Sage was sitting on my lap and I was showing him how to put his hands on my belly to feel the baby move. Of course, the baby didn't move but then Sage looked at me and put his hands on his own belly! It was so cute! He is so funny!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not going to throw in the towel yet

Today has been better. I don't want to quit and leave... as much.

Sage and I went to a playgroup this morning at Timbertown. It is a store that sells outdoor play equipment and have a bunch set up in 2 big rooms. For $5, you kid can play on all the equipment. Sage stayed very entertained for an hour and a half! Pretty good. I would always want to go with another mom to talk to but wouldn't mind taking him myself either.

Sage is getting so independant. He really likes to feed himself all meals. He is still sometimes okay with me spoon feeding him, like at lunch when I forgot his bib and didn't want applesauce all over his shirt! It takes him forever to eat, which makes me eat slower or do other things while he is still eating. Sometimes, I read or get on the computer, or shower. And his spoon abilities have improved a lot. I now understand why people spend $10 on the baby bjorn bib because it looks like it will actually catch the food he drops, his bib now has a pocket but food pretty much slides over the pocket.

It has been very warm here. Yesterday, we took a walk outside and I let him play at the playground. It was 50 degrees! Not the winter I am used to or was expecting! I wish I had taken my camera but of course didn't think about it!

Monday, January 09, 2006

A day I want to move back

Today is a day I want to move back to IA. And there is one main reason and it isn't my family today. Today the reason is the church we left. We left an incredible, awesome, thriving church. Cornerston Chruch of Ames. It is a bigger church with 3 services and a meeting room that holds 650 people. It has an awesome band making worshipping Jesus so easy. The people there are real and genuine sharing real sin struggles and making it easy to relate to them whether they are the pastor or just a member. It was so easy to be involved there. The women's ministry had Bible studies during the day with childcare provided. I had to pay for childcare, but I didn't have to find it myself. There were also connection groups that Drew and I would attend together. They were in the evening, after dinner and again,, they would help find childcare. The only one that we were in after Sage was born, we would take him with and he would play in the basement with a 13year old watching him. That was good since we were right upstairs and were able to hear him if he was crying. I was always challenged at church. Challenged to deepen my faith and grow my relationship with God.

Since moving here. I haven't felt those same challenges. Our pastors style is not as relational, more stories and ancedotes. And I have a hard time following him. And getting involved has been difficult. The nursery is less than stellar because of lack of space. Currently, we share a building but will be moving buildings somewhere at the ten of the month. There isn't much for young married couples but they are starting to develop that area more. Drew and I had offerred to host a young married Bible study at our house beginning in Feb. It would have been a win win situation for us because we could put Sage to bed and then have the study. Which would take care of child care issues. Drew didn't want to lead the group because he is so involved in school and was afraid he didn't have the time to do a good job. So, it is going to be at someone elses house and they are going to lead. THey are actually our good friends and I really want to go but what do we do with Sage? He is too old to take. He won't just sit on our lap and listen. And I have written about babysitters previously. Drew says we will work it out. I just feel so defeated. I have already been struggling with my relationship with God because I don't have as much support here as I did there and now it seems like this is just one more strike against me. I read my Bible and pray most days but not everyday and I don't get as much out of it as I would like and it is always good to be in a study and hear others thoughts and just get to know people.

Plus today is Monday and Mondays are hard for me for some reason. I usually don't have much planned to do besides clean and I feel a little down. Going to church used to be such a joy and I would look forward to it, now I feel like I go because I know it is good for me and I should. I am sure all thiese crazy pregnancy hormones running through my body aren't making things easier for me. It makes me want to start looking for a different church again. And then I think that we already know so many people and the fellowship is good. The church is good, I just feel lost and worn down and sad.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Making Life Easier

We made life a little easier this weekend by removing the keyboard tray from our computer desk and setting the keyboard higher where Sage cannot reach. Our computer is in our dining room, which I like because it is in the open and it is where people aren't napping or sleeping. We want our computer in the open and where the family is so that when our kids are old enough to be on it, they can be easily monitored by anyone who happens to be in the room or walks by. So, we might as well get used to it and keep it out now. The problem is that Sage is fascinated by the keyboard and loves to touch it. I am sure this isn't uncommon. So, he was getting disciplined a lot for touching and personally, I was getting tired of it and probably too relaxed and would say Do not touch and then not follow up. My question is, is it bad to remove all temptation from his life? I mean there are other things we don't want him playing in or with so we have eliminated those things too. For example, the bathroom, I don't want him getting toilet paper and kleenex by himself or getting into the dangerous chemicals that are stored under the cupboard so I put a doorknob cover on and shut the door. What is the line between keeping him safe and not allowing him to learn self control? And can self control be learned at 18 months?

The other day, he brought his blankie out of his crib after his nap. Later, when he had dropped it, I asked him to pick it up and take it back to his crib. He picked up the blankie and threw it back down on the floor and yelled. I told him no that isn't the way we behave and asked again. Same thing. I spanked him. He cried. I asked again but changed it to ask him to put it in his room. He picked it up walked to his room and dropped it into his room. Man, I was so happy that disciplining worked and once again, amazed at how much he understands!

He said juice the other day too! A couple of times. Today, he was playing with his new alphabet Leap Frog refrigerator game and had pushed the P and made the puh sound when the song said every letter makes a sound and p says puh. Drew and I both heard it and looked at him in amazement. Will we be this amazed when the second child does something or learns something? I hope so. I hope we can always be amazed at our children and what they are learning and doing. However, this second pregnancy hasn't been as talked about as the first. I have still been reading the week by week book and still am amazed at the movements but I feel like this is more of a countdown to unknown and with Sage it was a countdown to excitement of when we bring the baby home. I do feel excited about bringing the baby home but I feel a lot more nervous too. Funny, since I already have the newborn experience under my belt. Maybe that is what makes me more nervous, I know what to expect and I wonder how I will handle it with an older child also.

I know I will figure it out and life will go on, it has to! I am telling myself to be more relaxed with things. I think I am so into my routine of keeping the house this clean, the dishes done, groceries bought, meals planned and made, and myself showered everyday that I don't want that to change and if it doesn't change after the baby is born, I would be superwoman! I have to relax with things more. But that scares me because if I don't do it, no one will so it just won't get done and then we won't have food to eat! RELAX. Things always get done somehow, food gets eaten, dishes get cleaned up, dust bunnies get swept... eventually! I need to change my mindset and let myself adjust to life with two kids. Okay enough, there are plenty of women who have done it before me so it can be done and it will get done.

I think we have solved our double stroller dilema. We are going to save money that we receive as gifts and put it towards the stroller that we both think solves all the stroller issues the best and it happens to be the most expensive one that we were looking at! It is a Phil and Teds Most Excellent Buggy. I would link it but don't know how, so google away if interested. It is a three wheeled stroller with the front swivel wheel. It can be a single or double stroller. It can be used as a jogger or at the mall or around town. We have many things to look for in a double stroller. The first being, can it fit in our Saturn? Graco duoglide? Tight, maybe, maybe not. If it does, it is our whole trunk. Maclaren? Yes. Those were the top 3 strollers. Phil and Ted's? Yes and it takes less space than our current stroller, Graco metrolite. Those are the top 3 strollers. We considered a sit and stand and then thought that Sage is still a little too little for that and when you put the carseat in the front so an infant can sit there, the child in back is forced to stand and not sit, making it a bad fit for our family. Second question. Is it a good stroller for at a mall as well as navigating bumping sidewalks and using it to take walks for exercise? Graco. It seems to handle those situations well. Maclaren. Mall, yes sidewalks and for exercise not the greatest. It has small wheels making it easy to get caught on bumps. Phil and Teds. Yes. And it can be used as a jogger. I would like to say that I will definitly use that feature but don't want to make a liar of myself or use it only once. I imagine that I will jog and be oh so fit and cute this summer, but I know walking is probably what I will end up doing the most. As you can see, the three most important questions only one stroller answered yes to all three with an exceptional yes. The only concern is the NY subway. But in all actuality all three of these strollers would be a concern riding the NY subway and since we don't live there and just go visit, we will have to make it work. So, if anyone wants to contribute to our double stroller fund, we accept paypal, debit only =) Just kidding.

What about Levi or Augustus? Levi is my pick for the day and Augustus is Drews. Then again...

Friday, January 06, 2006


Sage has added two new words to his vocabulary this week. Bible and baby. Bible was all on his own. Every night before bed, we read to him from a Bible story book while he drinks his milk. One night this week, he pointed to it and said Bible! Today, I was looking at the magezine, American Baby and he pointed to a baby and I said baby, can you say baby and he said baby! But only once.

Sage's favorite word is dada. All day long, everything is dada, dada, dada. Walking through Target, he is yelling dada. Dada is at work Sage. DADA. Dada is at work Sage. DADA, DADA. All day long. Everything he points to is dada, dada. Cute, but come on, what about mama?! Yesterday, it sounded like he said nana and the day before, papa. But when he only says things once, I wonder if he really meant to say them?

This baby growing inside me is a mover and a shaker. Sage was a non-mover kind of baby, and his personality has shown that to be true. He is laidback and pretty easy going. Very flexible and goes with the flow. If he misses a nap, no big deal, he usually isn't any worse off. Back to the subject at hand. This baby moves and kicks with such intensity. It will catch me off guard. The other day, I was walking into a playgroup and almost said ow outloud twice in a row!

Naming the baby, we are at such a loss. We ordered a book and it should be coming soon. But I don't know if we can find something that we like. We would like our kids names to have meaning. Sage means wise and we want him to be wise and his middle name is Andrew after his dad. We also want something unique. No name from the top 100 baby names for us. That is more me than Drew. I don't want my kid to be Aiden S. in his kindergarten class. Although, I like the name Aiden. And on the other hand, we don't want to have to explain his name for the rest of his/our life. So, we don't want something totally normal or totally weird. What a quandry!

Yesterday, I was thinking about how much I love Sage and love to kiss his cheeks and hold him and hug him all the time. Do you think I, as a parent will feel that same love toward him when he is a teenager? I don't think my love for Sage will diminish, but does it? I hope not. It will just change forms in how I show my love.

This pregnancy, I have had so many more aches, pains and braxton hics. Yesterday was especially bad. I went to the mall to walk and it had been a couple of weeks because of the holidays and being gone. Well, I only walked for 20 minutes and felt very tired and achy. I had some returns and a little shopping I wanted to get done then we ate lunch and Sage played in the playground for about a half hour. We were both exhausted and as soon as we got into the car, Sage settled in to fall asleep. We both took naps when we got home, but that didn't help or ease my achiness or tiredness. I went to bed at nine last night, got up at 12 to go to the bathroom and eat two choc. chip cookies (first time I have been hungry in the middle of the night) woke up at 6 when Drew woke up Sage by coughing in the bathroom right next to Sage's room. But we both went back to sleep until 8! Today, we are taking it easy. Maybe a little housework, maybe a trip to Target, we'll see how much I feel like doing! It is getting harder and harder to carry Sage. I let him walk quite a few places, but it also makes me so nervous. Especially walking in a parking lot out to our car. We have a basic Saturn. No auto locks. So, I have to hold his hand, get my keys, unlock the front door, hold his hand, while not dropping my purse or bags on his head, reach in and unlock the back door while not letting go of his hand, once his hand is let go of, he is gone. It is very challenging!

Sage's newest favorite activity is coloring! He will color twice a day. He prefers markers, not crayons! He can take the lids on and off by himself! And thinks it is funny when he "accidently" colors on his hands and thinks it is amazing when the marker washes off! If we talk about coloring, he will look at his hands to see if there are any marks on them from before! He did color on a pair of pants, on purpose. I bet it will happen again!

As you can see by this blog, my life is Sage and being pregnant right now! They are the top two things on my mind and what is on my mind comes out in this blog!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Something New

I am starting something new that I read off someone else's blog. It is called Thankful Thursday.

1. I am thankful for an incredible son who has been a huge blessing in my life.

2. I am thankful for an incredible husband who is so supportive of me staying home with our incredible son!

3. I am thankful to be pregnant with a second son and having the pregnancy going so well.

4. I am thankful that we found such a great apartment when we moved here.

5. I am thankful for the mall playground so Sage can burn some energy and I can sit!

6. I am thankful for goldfish to keep Sage quiet while I shop and walk!

There are really so many things to be thankful for and I could go on and on but dinner needs to be made and I need to figure out how to make potato soup!

Another post on the pregnancy later...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Smartest Toddler Award

And it goes to...

SAGE! Of course! Today I had a conversation with him Sage style. I asked him if he would like a snack, he answered by signing hungry and nodding yes. I gave him a bowl mixed with cheerios and ginger cookies (they really are decently healthy). He picked through the bowl eating only the cookies. When they were gone, he signed more please. I said you don't want the cheerios? He shook his head no and I said oh only the cookies, he shook his head yes and signed more please. I gave him more and he signed thank you!

I can't believe how much he understands and then it frustrates me that he doesn't speak. He always gets his point across. Usually by signing or pointing. He does say dada, ba (bath), ba (ball) and those two really do sound different, and mama. He signs or has made his own signs for hot, water, music, more, hungry, banana, please, thank you, and milk.

He doesn't drink much water. He asks for milk and if I give him water he makes a yucky face. But I think he drinks too much milk and I don't want to give him too much juice. I tried having him drink a cup of water today and he only drank about half.

Anyway... he is so much fun. It is hard to believe how much and how fast he has grown over the last 17 months.

I leave you with a picture of Sage and all his cousins at Christmas. Yes, there are 7 boys under the age of 5 and I will add another boy to the group this March! And yes, my child is the one screaming his head off!

Back Row: Samantha and Britta
Front Row: Chase, Tate, Ethan, Noah, Sage, Daniel and Caleb

Monday, January 02, 2006

Something Changed

All 3 of us were in IA, Drew was getting ready to come home and work for a week before classes started again. And I had an unexplainable desire to be home. I didn't want to stay in IA for a week longer, I just wanted to come home. There were many reasons, I didn't want to be away from Drew, I was exhausted from so much traveling and living out of a suit case for 2 weeks, and I just wanted to be home. Home is CT, not IA.

We got home yesterday and guess what, I was sad. Sad because the much anticipated trip of going to see our family is over. Sad because, our apartment is so lonely with only us three. Sad because our families are so far away. Sad because even though we saw everyone, we didn't get to spend time with everyone. Especially my family. The time with my family was chaotic. I didn't really get to talk to my brothers or sister or in-laws. We all have kids and time was short. I love being with them all but I wish I could spend more time just talking. Not about anything deep just being together and talking and laughing about nothing at all.

The big trip is over. The next big thing coming up is the birth of the new baby. And I am scared. Scared that I won't be able to hack it as a stay at home mom of two. Scared that I am going to be so tired. Scared that Drew will be in the middle of his semester and won't be able to help me adjust. Scared that I will be stuck at home, and all my feelings of lonliness will come back. Scared. But I do know that God will help me and I just have to ask. Asking is the easy part, it is believing that he will help that is hard. I know he will help but truly believing is difficult. I know too that I am borrowing worries about tomorrow when I need to concentrate on today. I need to get back into a routine and get my apartment in order. I feel tired and overwhelmed. But I just have to take one small step at a time. Everything will get done and put away eventually.

Sage was such a good traveller. He woke up some in the night but usually went back to sleep himself and his naps were mostly non-existent. He did great on the plane trips there and back. I was thankful to have Drew with us. My belly is getting bigger and harder to hold Sage. Amazingly, we didn't use as many toys like when I travelled alone with Sage. Drew held him, let him get between his legs, showed him the air buttons and I don't know. The flight home was at 7:30 so we got up at 4:30 and woke Sage at 5:30. He actually fell asleep on Drew! That is a rarity with a 17 month old. I think they both enjoyed sleeping on the plane together.

We had a great trip and wouldn't change. We definitly wouldn't want to stay home!