Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Travelling and family.

Nothing exciting, nobody has gotten sick or hurt... yet.

The kids are taking turns with rides on the snowmobile. Sage is complaining of an ear ache, but insists it is from the plane.

My parents gave us money for a Wii! Funny story, I was at Wal-mart, two days before we left and they announced that there were 11 Wii's in the store. I finished picking out my yogurt, thought about how I wished I could get one for us and then thought about how I could sell it and make a profit. I bought it. Drew was excited to sell it, as was I, but it turned out that 22,000 other people were excited about selling one too. So, after it was sold and ebay took their profit, and paypal took theirs, we would have made maybe $20, maybe. We had a couple people express interest but we didn't find out soon enough. I returned it. Then, we open a card from my parents with cash in it and a poem saying they wanted to get us all Wii's! I am so excited to get home and find one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not For Lack of Content

Where to begin?

Drew and I were in Minneapolis for the weekend. Target wined and dined us, kind of. It was a great weekend, we completely enjoyed ourselves and would love to move to MN. He is waiting to hear back from a company in Denver. And then, we can begin to make our decision.

My mom came to stay with the boys for the weekend and I totally took advantage of her! Since she was here, I went to Drew's architecture review Friday morning. When I came out, somebody had hit our drivers side mirror and it was hanging. After briefly stopping at home, I went to the car store and got the mirror fixed. $200 poorer and one new mirror, I went to Target to get some essentials for mom since her luggage didn't quite make it to the correct airport. She is such a trooper and wore Drew and my clothes for the weekend. Seriously, my mom is the most flexible woman I know. She proved it time and again this weekend. It started by changing her destination so she could get here and adding a train and bus ride. Then, it was the luggage. Then it was all the running around that I did while she stayed with the boys, I didn't intend to do all those errands, they were the kind of errands that had to be done now and they hadn't even existed the day before.

Kolby had a fever on and off over the weekend and both of the boys' colds got worse. Last winter, we struggled with Kolby and bronchial infections. Looks like this winter is off to the same start. Monday, I took him to the doctor to discover double ear infections and she sent us home with a nebulizer. After the treatment in the office, he was a different kid. He wanted to be out of my lap, looking at books and climbing on the stool. I am smarter this winter and know how to count his breaths and when to take him to the ER. Breathing issues are scary!

While we are on the subject of Kolby, I had emailed Dr. Ponseti to ask him how many hours per day he should be wearing his brace. Kolby should be wearing them 14 hours per day and at naps. I now put his brace on at 6:30 pm and take it off at 8:30 am. It should work since he usually goes to bed by 7:30 or 8 and sleeps until 7. He hasn't minded the extra time in his brace during the day, he is an expert at crawling in it and is working hard on walking! He pulls himself up to things and tries to hold on and walk along. It is a little difficult since the bar sometimes hits what he is walking next to. I will try to get a video!

My To Do list seems to lengthen by the minute! Laundry, pack, Christmas cards, wrap, etc. We have a whirlwind next few days and then we go on our Christmas tour. Blogging will be light.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Farts Are Funny

The other day, Drew was in the living room playing with the boys. Kolby was sitting in the fire truck, leaned to one side like he was looking out the window, pppphhhhttttbbbbb (farted) and laughed!

Drew came and told me while I was washing dishes and I couldn't stop laughing. My Kolby, a little Jim! I'm so proud.


Our internet has been down since Sunday. My house is very clean. And my Christmas shopping is behind.

It's snowing here. Normally, this would excite me. Not today. My mom is supposed to be flying here. Her first flight got cancelled, she got on a later one. I told her to try to get into a New York City airport. She did! The flight summary says IN FLIGHT! Now, pray she is able to land at the right spot. And then pray that my mom, who is almost 60, finds the bus to Grand Central Station and then the train to our city. She has already told me how adventurous she is!

I was explaining to Sage that Grandma, might not make it today. He said, "She will because we asked God." A good lesson that sometimes, God answers our prayers with a no or a wait. Not usually the answers we are looking for, but answers.

Actually, a good lesson for all of us!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

What would you do?

We were waiting in line at Target to return a sweater for Sage that did not fit (where can I get sweaters for him that aren't $30?!) behind an African American woman with dread locks. Sage exclaims loudly "Mommy, she has fake hair and we have real hair!" Umm. I explained that she has dread locks in her hair, it isn't fake, just different than our hair. I talked in a normal voice, I didn't lower my voice like I was embarrassed.

Honestly, I kind of was. It's not that he isn't around people that are different from us. In fact, at Sunday school, he is the only white child there.

I guess he just hasn't noticed dread locks before!

Later, I thought I should have thrown out that I really like dread locks. Would that have seemed cheesy? I really do, I have always wished I could have dread locks so I wouldn't have to wash and dry my hair everyday!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sometimes I Wonder

I wonder if I am crazy, if I want to make my life difficult.

I wonder why I take the boys places.

Tonight, I took the boys to a Happy Hour at Yale. Without Drew. I thought it might be an okay idea.

And at first it was.

We got there early, got some food, staked out a spot. Then the people started to come. And kept coming. The room was small, the people were, I really want to say they were big and I guess if I compare them to my kids they were, so big.

We sang "Winterland". The boys were having a good time, students were playing with Sage and Kolby. One even helped Sage get through the crowd to get more food. Then it was time to go.

We got jackets on in the 180 degree room, made our way, through the people. Sage headed right to the cookies on the table. I was holding his hand and tried to guide him away from the table of cookies, away from the crowd of people standing around the cookies and he yelled at me. Yelled. In the crowded room of Drew's fellow students at Yale. I got him to the other side, squatted down to his level and explained again that we are leaving, no more cookies. He put his hand over my mouth and yelled NO. Again. I stood up, grabbed his hand and got us all outside. I got down to his level and explained that his behaviour is unacceptable and he will get disciplined when we get home.

Not to mention that I was holding Kolby, who is 30 plus pounds and the diaper bag, that just added to the moment.

It's been a rough night.

I am eating marshmallows and twizzlers. I wish it was chocolate.

Here's to a new day tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Celebrity Look Alike, Kind Of

Here is what I do when Drew goes back to school for the night.


Check out more morphs at Steph's!

The Sweetest Thing

My boys (3 and 1) often give each other hug and smooches. They make the smooching noise without actually kissing each other. We do it every night as we walk out of their room and they have both picked up on it and do it during the day.

Just now, Sage and Kolby were hugging and Sage said "Love you." Smooch. Bo said, "Yove you." Smooch

That totally made up for the rough couple of mornings we have had around here!

And instead of running for my camara to catch a video, I reached for my laptop to blog it!

Baby it's cold, outside

We are having some energy issues around our house. Not with our heater, with our three year old. He has a lot of energy and the ways he is choosing to expel that energy is not going over so well with me, or his brother.

I am constantly saying two phrases. "Do not throw things." and "Do not tackle your brother." Hopefully, do not throw your brother will never come out of my mouth. But, I wouldn't be surprised.

I babysit two little girls on different days. Monday and Wednesday mornings a 21 month old girl comes over from 9 - 11am. Tuesdays a one year old little girl comes over from 9 - 5pm. It makes it hard for us to get out of the house. By the time, the 21 month old leaves by 11:15, it is so close to our lunch time, it doesn't make sense to get coats, shoes, clean diaper, and go potty to go outside for 10 minutes before it is time to make lunch.

See our energy problem? My 3 year old boy needs to run and jump and expel his energy. I am not giving him enough time or space to do that without getting in trouble.

My next problem is that it is cold and often wet. I know the kids don't mind too much, but, um, I do. And really, I don't mind, I like the cold, I am not a fan of standing outside in that cold watching them run around.

Today, though something happened. The one year old actually took a morning nap and so did Kolby! I bundled Sage and I (minus my socks, I was wearing slippers) up and we headed out for thirty minutes. The babies slept, Sage ran around, I froze. Life is good. For now.