Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not going to throw in the towel yet

Today has been better. I don't want to quit and leave... as much.

Sage and I went to a playgroup this morning at Timbertown. It is a store that sells outdoor play equipment and have a bunch set up in 2 big rooms. For $5, you kid can play on all the equipment. Sage stayed very entertained for an hour and a half! Pretty good. I would always want to go with another mom to talk to but wouldn't mind taking him myself either.

Sage is getting so independant. He really likes to feed himself all meals. He is still sometimes okay with me spoon feeding him, like at lunch when I forgot his bib and didn't want applesauce all over his shirt! It takes him forever to eat, which makes me eat slower or do other things while he is still eating. Sometimes, I read or get on the computer, or shower. And his spoon abilities have improved a lot. I now understand why people spend $10 on the baby bjorn bib because it looks like it will actually catch the food he drops, his bib now has a pocket but food pretty much slides over the pocket.

It has been very warm here. Yesterday, we took a walk outside and I let him play at the playground. It was 50 degrees! Not the winter I am used to or was expecting! I wish I had taken my camera but of course didn't think about it!

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