Thursday, January 19, 2006

18 Month Well Baby

I took Sage to his 18 month well baby check up yesterday. He weighs 28 lbs 11 oz and is 33 inches tall. I forgot to ask where that is on the growth chart. He was really good. He wouldn't say any words for the dr but he did let her examine him without crying and he did cry during the shots but not for very long.

I felt like a bad mom. I didn't change his diaper before we went. We got there and his diaper had leaked. His onesie was all wet as were his jeans. He had to wear wet jeans home. He could have cared less. He never cares if his diaper is wet or poopy. He would stay in it for as long as I would let him, which isn't long when I figure it out! Oh well, I am sure they have seen worse.

He is still into coloring except the most fascinating parts are taking the marker caps on and off and putting the crayons into and out of the bag. Not much coloring actually takes place. Why does he put crayons and markers in his mouth? At least they are non-toxic.

We were at the mall today and he was playing in the playland and smacked a little boy on the face. Then he started "petting" him on the head since that is how we taught him to be gentle. Maybe petting the head wasn't such a great idea.

I am loving buying matching shirts for the boys. The other day I got excited because I will be able to buy them matching shirts for Easter! What a dumb thing to get excited about. But Drew even piped up and said yeah, all 3 of us could match! How cute!

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  1. Jessica (formerly Keller)Fri Jan 20, 02:02:00 PM

    Leah is doing the very same thing with marker lids! All she wants to do is take them off and put them on. No coloring. Strange! She also is a shrimp compared to Sage. She was 23 pounds and 30 1/2 inches.


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