Friday, March 30, 2007

Learning to Link

I am learning to link to websites so that I can enter to win a Dyson vacuum!

The fun thing is that you can sign up too! Click HERE

I'm Back!

and bigger than ever! Seriously, I gained 3 pounds in one day, what is up with that? Anywhoo.

We went to North Carolina to visit my brother and his family. I love his wife! We had so much fun chatting and shopping. She gave me style tips passed on from her sister and I bought camo capris. I am so hip and now. I am waiting for the right time and weather to wear them! My brother is cool too! He really is. He and Drew got to do some fun boy things like go to the batting cage and golf. Drew's computer hands even got callusses! And it was spring there! So warm, at least 60 everyday. I got spoiled running in warm weather with no ear band and having Drew around to watch the kids, making going for a run so easy.

They have a driveway and a yard, the neighbor has a trampoline and the kids can play! Imagine having a yard, somewhere safe for your kids to play. I know most of you don't need to imagine but I am an apartment dweller, no yard and a small parking lot between the apartment and garages for Sage to ride his bike. And no way, is he going out there alone! He loves to run down the side of the building that lead right out to the sidewalk and street. We do go out for him to ride his bike. I put a chair in the driveway so people don't come roaring back there.

Kolby is crawling 85% of the time now. He is so cute. He is so sensitive. If he falls, he cries, bumps his head, cries, Sage brushes him, cries. I think he realizes that when Sage is around and he starts crying, Sage gets in trouble! He is manipulative, already! He isn't feeling well today. Runny nose, coughing, and a diaper rash. I think I see another tooth in his future!

Sage asks why ALL THE TIME. Everything I say, he responds with why? Yesterday, I was so tired of answering why, I said, "Sage, can you please not ask why for five minutes?" He answered "Otay, mama." Pause, thinking I am going to get some relief. "Why?" He has zero interest in potty training. We talk all the time about the m&m's he can earn, the stickers, the Cars underwear, and when he is completly potty trained, the guitar we have already promised. When I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty? No, tank you. Which reminds me of a story. I was going to the bathroom and Sage walks in and proceeds to ask me "Why you no push peepee in, mama?" I'll leave you with that.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Do you ever have one of those days?

I am having a day that seems to be running into all my other days. Know what I mean? I feel tired. The kids are always needy and I have changed two poopy, nasty diapers today and changed Kolby's entire outfit 3 times today. Sage is constantly asking for a snack, the laundry needs changed and folded and then dried again because the machine can't manage to dry a load in one cycle, dinner needs to be made or at least figured out what we are having, Kolby needs/wants to nurse but then pulls off every two minutes to see what Sage is doing and finally, I put in Cars and we have peace in the house.

And then I read a post that brought me to tears. It reminds me to cherish these times that I have snot on every shirt I wear, flaps on my bra, 2 bags to tote to the car, 2 carseats to strap and unstrap at every stop, 8 million questions to answer, a 24 lb. almost 1 year old who can't walk to carry everywhere because it gets easier. They grow up. Sage can already climb in and out of the carseat by himself, someday, he will be able to buckle himself and Kolby will walk to the car, Sage won't poop in his diaper and Kolby will be able to walk, Sage won't ask as many questions, Kolby will be able to walk, Sage will wear underwear and use the toilet and Kolby will be able to walk. See what is on my mind? Sage, potty training and Kolby, walking will be so much easier and you know what, it will probably all happen in a matter of months. And then I will think how much easier things have become and then, I will probably want a newborn!

But, I can look back over the last few weeks and know that we are getting somewhere. Kolby will feed himself bananas and grapes! I have started the fast track to weaning him. He is doing great with a bottle. Tonight will be his first all milk bottle! Tomorrow, he will turn one! I am having a hard time believing it! He has started to creep on his hands and knees some. If I am right behind him, making him use his legs, he will! As soon as I move, he plops to his belly and army crawls. He knows the exact length of his body so he can stop crawling and reeeaaach to grab something.

Tomorrow, my friend offerred to come over while the boys nap so I can run errands without answering 8,000 questions and buckling two kids in and out of the car! My agenda? Laundry mat to wash our comforter and couch cover, Target and Babies R Us.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy March!

My original idea was to post everyday in March. You can see how that started off with a big ole BANG!

Updates in our lives: Kolby will turn one on Friday. That is all I want to say about that. We will be moving for the summer for an internship for Drew. We will be living with his parents. That is all I want to say about that.

And here is why I won't be posting everyday in March, because I've got nothing to write about. I could babble on and on about my boring everday life, but that would be boring.