Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Baby Book

Am I the only first time mother out there with her first sons baby book of his first year not done and he is now 18 months old? I feel pretty guilty about this. I am the fourth child. My baby book consists of my name, maybe how much I weighed. I won't go into it because I know my mom feels guilty about this. Do you think there is more pressure on us as moms today with the whole scrapbooking world? I mean, a lot of baby books, you fill things in and then add a few pictures. Scrapbooking and journaling is a whole different story.

I got Sage's out today to work on. I also for some idiotic reason decided I would do a small month to month book. It is a 5x7 album that I took a picture of him each month by the same bear that his nana bought for him as a newborn. And then on the other side of the page, I write about what he did that month, new things he learned, his first airplane ride etc. The problem is, months 10,11, and 12, I didn't write anything down. Not that he stopped growing, learning and doing new things, I just didn't write them down. In my defense, we moved month 10 across the country and well that is my excuse. Today, I am trying to finish that book. I am also missing 3 pictures, months 9, 10 and 12. Those just need a run to Target or a quick send off to clarkcolor.com (11 cent Kodak prints!).

And then there are the 1000 pictures we have of him and I already sorted through those and printed off 300 for his album. 300 pictures are not needed nor will they fit. It is ridiculous. I have to remind myself that his life is well documented and I can't fit them all in one book, but he will have them on cd's forever.

Have I mentioned that my mom sells Creative Memories? So, all of my supplies (until Drew gets a real job) are free. Looking at everything that I have, I feel more guilty. She has invested a lot of money into me and scrapbooking. Not only that, I can't go the cheaters route and buy the pre made baby scrapbook and stick in my pictures and add some journaling. Nor can I buy the albums where you just stick your pictures in and say nothing! I am trying. I just wish she could come for a week and all we do is work on this baby book. Because having someone by your side while you do it, telling you good job, that looks good, good work, and having ideas for when you feel like every page looks the same, really, really helps. But she is planning on coming for the birth of the baby, not the finishing of the first baby's scrapbook. Maybe another time.

And now, I need to be done with this blog so I can finish that book!


  1. I have a pile of hundreds of pictures I took and finally printed out. They are on a shelf in his closet. I put the first few months in an album, but that is as far as I got. So I am at least a year behind also. I agree that I need a week distrubance free or with help to get it done!

  2. Well, at least you have the blog where you can look back at those monoths and see what he is doing! I am excited to show my kids some day the blog...it is a great way for them to see what my life was like with them!

    I know with CM you're not supposed to feel guilty and behind. Digital cameras are a blessing, and a curse! I have tons of pictures from October through now to print...but am dragging my feet because I don't want to pick them out! I am trying not to print so many because I just stick them in an album and only look at them online!

    That is so funny you say that abou tnot being able to buy the pre-made ones. When your mom was here we went through the Hallmark visitor's center and she didn't like the pre-made ones AT ALL! ;) it was cut.e

    Every time Allison and I see that commercial of the mom with the 3 boys in the glass house doing the scrapbooking with the pre-made album, we go, "awwwwwwww..." it's so cute and so much how real life is! except we don't live in a glass house! ;)



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