Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Evening Musings In Bullets

  • Drew is playing his guitar and I'm blogging, in bed. Actually, we are sitting on our bed, kind of fun.
  • Funny that we've had Levi 6 months and we still talk about names. Tonight, we both liked Barrett. It was on the list and got taken off, although I can't remember why now.
  • I am in love with this skirt. Love, love, love it.
  • We got pictures from Levi's dedication. I need Drew to scan them. Miss Erin from church took them. We didn't take one photo. I have a reason why. We had been told that there would be child care for Sage and Kolby during the service. When we got there, Drew went to take them and there wasn't. We didn't have any family at the service nor had we invited anyone. (we didn't feel like we knew anyone well enough, probably stupid on our part). So, we were in a quandary. It ended up that they did find a worker to watch any kids that needed watched but in the end, we were the only ones to take them up on it. Everyone else had family. So, after the dedication, we were so intent on getting Sage and Kolby picked up that we didn't make an effort to stick around and have someone snap some pictures for us on our camera. I'm still sad about it. But, we do have pictures and Levi has a letter to open from Pastor Gregg when he decides to follow Jesus. It makes me tear up just thinking about that.
  • I got the boys scooters at a garage sale for $7! Sage has thanked me 4 times.
  • I miss our family tonight. I wanted to have some super familiar people over for popcorn, cheese, crackers and Freezies. Even though our house was a bit messy and it wasn't fancy. Sometimes, you just need/crave the comfortableness of family.
  • I'm really excited for the Bible Study I'm going to do this summer.
  • Tomorrow is one year ago that we pulled into Houston from our 4 day cross country trek.
  • It's been a great year.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Day a the Zoo Leads to Safety Thoughts

Memorial Day found us hanging out as a family. We decided a trip to the zoo would be perfect.

Drew and I worked hard (he worked harder) and got lunches packed and got to the zoo a bit after 9am.

The animals were all out, some napping, but who doesn't like to stare at a sleeping lion named Jonathon the Great?

The boys sitting in the tree, where I placed them, directly above the sign that said No Climbing the Tree. A little boy read the sign out loud. Oops. I hadn't noticed that bright red sign.

Drew, Sage and Kolby got to watch the elephant get a bath and eat. They thought that was really great. I stayed out of the way with the stroller and Levi. I was so excited to figure out how to nurse Levi in the Ergo! I'm so proud. When they came back from watching the elephant, Drew didn't know that I was nursing, he thought I had just put Levi in the Ergo.

Levi did so wonderfully in the stroller. He is usually not so chill in the stroller and wants to be held. I only had him in the Ergo when I nursed him and Drew carried him in the end when he was exhausted.

Enjoying our picnic lunch at the park.

While we were eating, we noticed 3 police officers on bikes riding around and a man and woman running around frantically. The woman was yelling "David!" As she trotted by, she said she was looking for David and Nathan, a 3 and 6 year old. I told her we'd keep our eyes out. I immediately welled up with tears and turned to Sage and Kolby and told them we were going to pray for those boys to be found. I'm sure my kids think I'm crazy with all the shaky voice crying I do, exactly like my mom. I told myself I wouldn't be like that. It drives me crazy. Anyway.

We went over again with Sage what he would do if he got separated from us. We tell him to find a mommy and that she will help him. We also told him he would be in charge of Bo and he needed to keep Bo with him. He assured us that he would pull Bo with him. I have no doubt that he would love to do that. And that they would cause a spectacle while Sage was pulling Bo. We also decided to buy a label maker and put my phone number on the back of their shirt. And when we got home I looked up safety tattoos. It scared us a lot to think of our boys lost.

Later, I saw the woman with her boys and went over to tell her we had prayed for them and I was so thankful that she found her boys. She told me that when they were at the zoo, she had told David (6) that if they got separated from her to find someone with a zoo patch on their shirt to help them. The boys had walked all the way back to the zoo from the park. She said the 6 year old, David was scared but the 3 year old was clueless. I wanted to cry again.

Isn't that sexy seeing a husband carrying the baby?! I love it.

So, how do you prepare your kids if they get lost? Any safety tattoos or labeller's out there?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kolby the Encourager

I made Swedish pancakes, sausage and strawberries for dinner tonight. As I'm flipping the pancakes, Kolby is standing beside me telling me "Goo jo, ma." (Good job, mom)

He is such the encourager. He is always telling me good job.

I wanted to remember that. It's so sweet.

And sometimes, I need to remember and dwell on the sweet.

Friday, May 22, 2009

That Was Embarrassing And Humbling

I did level 2 of The Shred.

I started The Shred last Wednessday. Last Wednessday was Day One. Today was Day 10.

I was feeling very confident in my shredding ability. I wasn't as sore as I had been. So, I thought that I could totally handle moving up to level 2. In fact, I needed to. Or so I thought.

It didn't help that the boys were watching. I use the term watching very loosely. I had them eating a snack. But they finished. Somewhere in the middle of circuit 2.

I was already in some pain. And then the boys decided they should try the new moves with me.

They've done Level 1 with mm and it ended with Sage accidentally smacking Kolby in the head with a 5 lb. weight. That was the last time I attempted to do it while they were awake.

Level 2 has more big movements. And I'm tall. And they're little. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

So instead of something happening, I kept telling them to "MOVE!" And when I say tell, I mean yell. But in a kind sort of way. It was me looking out for them.

I finished Level 2. And the boys lived to see the afternoon.

I'm already dreading Level 2 tomorrow. And I won't even think about Level 3 looming in the future.

I kind of hate Jillian.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Levi's First Tooth

I have issues with you.

First, he is a baby. He isn't supposed to have a tooth. I wasn't expecting a tooth the day after he turned six months old. It is like you are robbing me of my sweet baby. I don't like it. So quit.

Second, and most important. Stop biting. Just stop. It hurts. And it hurts when you clamp and pull too. Does the screaming mean nothing to you? The harsh way I yell NO! No effect?


Levi's Mamma who would like to keep all body parts attached.

Dear Levi,

You cut your first tooth! To most, this would be an exciting development. Except I'm not quite ready for my baby to grow up. And by getting a tooth it proves that you will indeed grow up.

This new tooth in your mouth is not a weapon of mass destruction.

It is used to bite food. Not your mom where your food currently comes from.

It is also not meant to bite your hand while you bite on a teething biscuit.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Levi ~ 6 Months

17 lbs 10 oz. (75-90%)

27.5 inches (50-75%)

3-6 and 6-12 month clothes

size 3 Huggies

size small Fuzzi Bunz

Smiliest baby I know

Trying to sit up

Cut your first tooth!

Eats sweet potato, avocado, mango, yogurt and super porridge

Drinks water from a sippy cup (a few sips)

Fascinated by big brothers

Sleeps on tummy or side

Takes a passy to fall asleep

Bedtime 7 or 7:30

Wakes up once in need of a passy

Wakes up about 5 to nurse

Not in a super schedule, goes with the flow

Not thrilled with gym nursery

Getting better at church nursery

Loves toys

Chews on everything

Grabs everything (i've stopped wearing my necklace and hair is always back and he still gets it)

Doesn't know a stranger

Except for 2 ladies who made him cry by getting too close

Rolls and scootches around

See? Learning.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

To My Love

7 years ago, we said I Do.

Drew, Before God our Father and these witnesses, I promise to be your faithful wife. I promise to submit to your leadership as the church submits to Christ, to honor and respect you and to encourage you to pursue God wholeheartedly. I will always be faithful and devoted to you. To you alone do I give my heart and body until death parts us or our Lord returns.

I love you more deeply today than I did the day I first said those words.

I know more today what those words mean.

I understand them better.

I am committed to them even more.

You truly are my best friend.

I love you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Day Late, Is A Month in Blog Terms

Happy Mother's Day! And Happy Birthmothers' Day! Read about it here.

What did we do for Mother's Day? Well, thanks for asking!

We had some friends over for lunch. I made french dip sandwiches in the crock pot. The meat didn't turn out as flavorful as usual. I don't know why. I just checked the recipe again and I put in everything. It would not be uncommon for me to realize that I forgot a key ingredient. Next time, I'll add more beef bouillon cubes.

I served watermelon (not very sweet), chips, carrots, snap peas and dip and made an apple pie for dessert.

At least the apple pie was good.

After they left, Drew cleaned up. I took a short nap while Levi slept and then another short nap while Levi nursed.

Drew had promised to take the boys to the park and they were just getting ready. I mentioned I might go. Sage said it was just for boys. Drew reminded him it was Mother's Day and I could do what I want.

I ran upstairs to change. And they left.

My phone started ringing with the familiar tune of Drew's ring.

He couldn't find the DVD to return to Blockbuster. I was glad that he thought of that, I didn't want to pay another $1 for The Day the Earth Stood Still. I was also glad because it meant that Levi and I didn't get left behind.

I watched Sage practice batting at the T. I watched Kolby sit in the outfield and pour dirt from one hand to the other. I watched Levi practice sitting. I watched Sage practice fielding the ball. I watched Kolby move the dirt from his hands to his crocs and pour it back and forth from one croc to the other. I watched Levi roll over. I watched Kolby wander away toward the play set. I watched Kolby steal someone's soccor ball. (I made him return it.)

Then, I watched Kolby climb the rock wall all by himself, and jump off the bridge, all by himself.

That night, I thanked God for Kolby's beautiful feet. Feet that enable him to wear shoes in which he can use to hold dirt, feet that enable him to wander away, kick a soccor ball, climb a wall and break his fall from jumping off the bridge.

They are beautiful feet! Romans 10:15b "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

I just went back to the archives to link to a picture of Kolby's club feet and realized I never posted them on here! Our internet went down and then our computer blew up right after he was born.

He is less than a week old in this picture.

This is still in the hospital.

I cried looking at these pictures again. My sweet boy. God is good. So good. I never want to forget that.

Friday, May 08, 2009


I didn't wake up disgruntled. But somehow, I became disgruntled.

I reached for 3 bowls for cereal, only one clean. I made do with 2 salad bowls and one cereal bowl. And to think I wasn't even going to get those cereal bowls. Good thing my father-in-law knew we would use them!

And then, I slowly got more and more disgruntled at the state of our house. Piles on every surface. Boxes open and strewn about. Some still from the camping trip. Others from the great closet reflooring that unexpectedly occurred last weekend. (Water really did get in our house, it took us a week to figure it out when it started smelling.)

And I started losing my patience with my kids. I yelled. Sage yelled back. I told Sage and Kolby to clean their room. Sage said no. I told him to stay there all day with no lunch. He asked about needing to leave to drop off a meal at someones house. I told him he'd stay home by himself in his room if it wasn't clean. And walked downstairs to sit and nurse Levi.

As I sat, I started to see and hear what a jerk I had been to my kids. Me, who is always telling Sage, speak kindly, Kolby isn't going to respond to unkind words in a nice way. Me, the adult, the one who is supposed to rise above, the one who is supposed to set the example.

He came downstairs and said "Mom, I'm sorry for yelling at you." I had tears in my eyes. I should have been apologizing first. I did apologize and ask for his forgiveness.

I messed up today. I was disgruntled. I had tried to pray about it. I didn't get far in my prayer before I started in on something else. My thoughts were mean and unkind. They started to show in my actions and then my words.

Next time, I'm going to stop and sit and close my eyes. A prayer on the go wasn't working for me this time. This time, I needed to focus on my Jesus, my Saviour, my Father of mercies. Focus and tell him how crappy I felt, how yucky my insides felt and ask him for his help, for his mercy and to change me.

Before I take it out on my kids.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

On Turning Twenty Ten

I feel kind of funny drawing attention to my birthday but it's significant.

Three Zero.

I don't really want to say that word.

It kind of makes me laugh.

Twenty Ten.

It kind of makes me nervous.




Does turning this age mean I'm a real adult?

The third decade is when big things happen, right? Don't ask me what sort of things, I haven't been there yet.

If the third decade brings as many changes as my second, it'll be an adventure!

In my twenties, I met Drew, graduated from college, married Drew, worked full-time, gave birth to Sage, moved from Iowa to Connecticut, gave birth to Kolby, moved from Connecticut to Houston, and gave birth to Levi.

It's hard to put into words what I'm feeling about this birthday. I feel nervous because I think I should have more answers, more faith, be a stronger woman, a more patient mom. I'm excited because I pray that I am embarking on receiving and becoming those things. I'm nervous because I pray that I start to become those things.

I pray that when I turn four zero I won't have any regrets. That I will have changed and become a better person.

But, let's not think about that yet!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wild Ride

I knew my life was going to change moving to Houston.

I was expecting our third baby. Shortly after moving here we found out that it was a third boy.

That was life changing. But there was something more happening.

We started going to Houston's First Baptist Church. Not life changing. I mean, we've always gone to church and had gone to a really great church during college. A church that founded our faith and deepened our relationship. So the church wasn't life changing. And attending wasn't life changing.

I was reading blogs. Blogs like MckMama, Rocks in my Dryer, Boomama, and Bring the Rain. Reading these womens blogs was stirring my heart for something more. The faith that MckMama had while baby Stellan was still in her womb and told he wouldn't live outside of while I felt my own healthy baby kick, kick, kick me made me want more. Reading Bring the Rain while she carried her sweet Audrey the last couple of weeks and then was born to live for two hours and the faith that carried her through, that made me want more. The Compassion trip to Africa that Rocks in my Dryer and Boomama took made me want more. I wanted to sponser a Compassion child, three to match my own. But I didn't.

And slowly, God has been working on my heart. I've been going to Bible Study all year, church Sunday morning and Wednesday night and it seems like what my heart has been struggling with, the message is hit right to me.

Drew and I weren't tithing when we moved here. We were getting on our feet after grad school, getting our house settled. It was our first full time job since starting grad school, three years prior. And the money kept running out. Guess what we kept hearing? You just have to start, you just have to start giving. It took us a little bit but we finally started tithing. And guess what? The money has not run out, we've always had plenty.

Lately, I've been working through doing enough for my faith. Producing enough fruit. I don't serve/love enough. I was tired of just helping other Christians, I wanted to do more. Guess what Curtis Jones talked about on Wednesday? That while we serve our fellow Christians, we are still living our faith. (I didn't even get to listen but Drew told me the jist.) It made me realize that I need to step up in our Sunday School class and take that spot of leadership and be the missions coordinator. God is laying it on my heart.

I've been reading the posts from the Compassion Bloggers India trip. And my heart has broken for India. I told Drew, let's just sponser one. One. $32 a month. We can give up our Blockbuster membership, I'll find ways to make it work. He said go for it. Sage and I searched for a child his age with his birthday. There weren't any. We searched for one in his birthday month. There was one little boy from India.

Meet Dhavood:

Isn't he cute?! We have 4 boys!

But the coolest thing? Drew went through the mail that night and unknowingly to us, our house taxes were reassessed. The savings per month? $35!

I'm making small steps. Small steps that I pray will lead to a giant leap.

I want to live my life the way I have always said I would live "when". The when is here. The when is now.

I pray it's a wild ride!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Today In A List

1. Got Levi's picture taken at Picture People. First time since January.

2. He turns 6 months on Sunday. I'm trying to resist the urge to make a comment about how fast the time has gone and by typing that I got to make the comment without officially saying Wow, time has flown.

3. I saw a mom that went to the same Bible study as me and we recognized each other. She has two boys. I casually mentioned that we should get together to play sometime. She kind of guffawed. Not in an obvious way, probably a more surprised way. I let it drop. I didn't force my phone number on her. And I wasn't hurt or saddened by it, it was probably exactly the way I would have reacted. Kind of like, Yeah, I totally don't need more friends.

4. The only thing I got done during Mothers Day Out was getting Levi's picture taken. And getting Drew his Crew from Target but it's connected to the mall so it doesn't feel like it counts for some reason.

5. It was worth it. I wish I could have bought more.

6. There was a dad in there with his two kids getting their picture made for a Mothers Day gift. That's sweet. They were a little on the wild side.

7. I don't like it when people say "get your picture made". But I just said it.

8. I hope dinner cooks fast enough in the crock pot, I'm pushing the 4 hour cook time.

9. I love the crock pot for hot weather, it doesn't get my house hot. Especially since my car thermometer said 90 today!

10. I love cherry Dr. Pepper.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Crayloa Pip Squeak

UPDATE: The doctor told me not to check for the cap any longer. Things have moved through his system since than so we assume all's clear!

See that cap?

A cap like that is in Sage's body. It has been since Tuesday.

The doctor laughed at me on Friday for bringing him. I had talked to my mother in law who is a pediatric triage nurse and she said it would pass on its own. The nurse on call from our doctors office here said he should be seen if it hadn't passed in 24 hours. I waited to call until Thursday. They had an appointment on Friday. I thought I would be cancelling it.

We're still waiting.

Oh, did you want to know how it happened?

He was coloring. And blowing the cap. And accidentally swallowed it. He looked at me so surprised and said "Mom, I accidentally swallowed the marker cap!"

I have to clarify that I did not notice that he had a cap in his mouth or I would have told him to take it out.

I hope he's learned his lesson.

I was thankful it didn't require another ER visit. Anyone wanna see a picture of the after? Me neither.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The Boys Weekend

While Levi and mommy were on a date the boys went camping with friends.

Mesmerized by the fire. Or smoke. Or both.

Sticks as pokers.

Climbing a fence.

Taking aim. See the turtle shell in the distance? (No turtles
were actually hurt)



Watching the waders. Funny, he wasn't a fan of the wading, at home he finds all the puddles and this was basically one big puddle.


Swinging on the vine.

The future of the NRA.

Sticks. As swords this time.

Root beer and meat round off the weekend.