Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pregnancy Update Week 29

Weight: 168

I had my dr. appointment today. It had been 6 weeks since my last visit and my weight gain was 14lbs! Yikes. I knew that was coming. I measured 30, but technically I will be 30 weeks Saturday so that doesn't seem like a big deal to me. My total weight gain is 25lbs so far. My goal was less but, what can you do? I would really like to see myself not go over 178, that would be 35lbs total. Think I can do it?! We'll see. More fruits and less crap for me! Well, for today.

I told her about some wierd movements that I have felt. It feels like a spastic movement. All of the sudden I will feel a rapid fast movement. I haven't felt it for 2 days now but it is something that I have noticed again and again. She said it is probably just a weird movement that my baby does! All his other movements are normal and getting stronger. Also, I asked about braxton hics and she said up to 8 an hour is normal but if it starts feeling like the beginning of labor to call. I don't think I get that many an hour, just more than I did with Sage.

I now start going to the dr. every 2 weeks. And my appointments are later in the afternoon like 3 which means a longer wait because she has had all day to get backed up. Bummer. But it means I am closer to the end of pregnancy! Today, they told me she was 2 hours behind but then I got called about an hour after my scheduled appointment and ended up seeing someone else. I saw a midwife (which I normally see), but this one could actually deliver me. I also asked about what to do when I go into labor, who to call etc. and who might deliver me at the hospital. The run down is since I am a midwife patient, I will most likely be delivered by a midwife. Currently, there are 3 midwives at the hospital whom I won't meet before delivery and two that deliver and see patients in the office. I have met one. Unfortunatly, they are 1 person short, so if I go into labor on a Sunday or Monday night, I will be delivered by a resident midwife.

A first year med student is "shadowing" me to learn more about pregnancy. He is about 21 or 22 and his knowledge of pregnancy is very limited. Anyway, he is very nice and has been coming to my appointments. He will also try to be at the labor and delivery. It is strange, especially after the first week and I saw him at church! Kind of weird, but he is learning and I am glad to help. He told the midwife and me today that until last week, he didn't know what a tampon was! Kind of funny. Too bad, he can't shadow me for a day and I could relay all the aches and pains and other no fun stuff that goes with pregnancy! He was curious why I prefer a midwife to deliver me. I said because typically, midwives are more apt to let things take a natural course which is what I prefer. I don't want to have drugs and I don't want to be offered them, making it easier to take them. I did it with Sage, so why not try again. With Sage, I started dialating at 36 weeks and by 38 weeks was 5cm dialated at my office visit. I went in one night with consistent contractions but by the time I got to the hospital, they stopped. I was sent home with instructions to come back in if anything started again and they would break my water. That night at about 10 I went in, they broke my water and Sage was born at 2:18. I am not saying that was the easiest 4 hours of my life, but it was bearable. By the time, I said I can't do it anymore, I was dialtated to 9.5, so no turning back. Anyway, since he asked me that, I thought I better write a birth plan and take it to one of my next appointments. I also need to set up a time to tour the hospital so we can figure out where we go during the day and after hours.

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  1. You delivered Sage pain med free?! Girl, you are seriously my new hero. I had no idea you did that!!!!!!!! Have you thought of a name yet? (I know you're not sharing; just wondering if you guys had agreed on one!)


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