Friday, January 06, 2006


Sage has added two new words to his vocabulary this week. Bible and baby. Bible was all on his own. Every night before bed, we read to him from a Bible story book while he drinks his milk. One night this week, he pointed to it and said Bible! Today, I was looking at the magezine, American Baby and he pointed to a baby and I said baby, can you say baby and he said baby! But only once.

Sage's favorite word is dada. All day long, everything is dada, dada, dada. Walking through Target, he is yelling dada. Dada is at work Sage. DADA. Dada is at work Sage. DADA, DADA. All day long. Everything he points to is dada, dada. Cute, but come on, what about mama?! Yesterday, it sounded like he said nana and the day before, papa. But when he only says things once, I wonder if he really meant to say them?

This baby growing inside me is a mover and a shaker. Sage was a non-mover kind of baby, and his personality has shown that to be true. He is laidback and pretty easy going. Very flexible and goes with the flow. If he misses a nap, no big deal, he usually isn't any worse off. Back to the subject at hand. This baby moves and kicks with such intensity. It will catch me off guard. The other day, I was walking into a playgroup and almost said ow outloud twice in a row!

Naming the baby, we are at such a loss. We ordered a book and it should be coming soon. But I don't know if we can find something that we like. We would like our kids names to have meaning. Sage means wise and we want him to be wise and his middle name is Andrew after his dad. We also want something unique. No name from the top 100 baby names for us. That is more me than Drew. I don't want my kid to be Aiden S. in his kindergarten class. Although, I like the name Aiden. And on the other hand, we don't want to have to explain his name for the rest of his/our life. So, we don't want something totally normal or totally weird. What a quandry!

Yesterday, I was thinking about how much I love Sage and love to kiss his cheeks and hold him and hug him all the time. Do you think I, as a parent will feel that same love toward him when he is a teenager? I don't think my love for Sage will diminish, but does it? I hope not. It will just change forms in how I show my love.

This pregnancy, I have had so many more aches, pains and braxton hics. Yesterday was especially bad. I went to the mall to walk and it had been a couple of weeks because of the holidays and being gone. Well, I only walked for 20 minutes and felt very tired and achy. I had some returns and a little shopping I wanted to get done then we ate lunch and Sage played in the playground for about a half hour. We were both exhausted and as soon as we got into the car, Sage settled in to fall asleep. We both took naps when we got home, but that didn't help or ease my achiness or tiredness. I went to bed at nine last night, got up at 12 to go to the bathroom and eat two choc. chip cookies (first time I have been hungry in the middle of the night) woke up at 6 when Drew woke up Sage by coughing in the bathroom right next to Sage's room. But we both went back to sleep until 8! Today, we are taking it easy. Maybe a little housework, maybe a trip to Target, we'll see how much I feel like doing! It is getting harder and harder to carry Sage. I let him walk quite a few places, but it also makes me so nervous. Especially walking in a parking lot out to our car. We have a basic Saturn. No auto locks. So, I have to hold his hand, get my keys, unlock the front door, hold his hand, while not dropping my purse or bags on his head, reach in and unlock the back door while not letting go of his hand, once his hand is let go of, he is gone. It is very challenging!

Sage's newest favorite activity is coloring! He will color twice a day. He prefers markers, not crayons! He can take the lids on and off by himself! And thinks it is funny when he "accidently" colors on his hands and thinks it is amazing when the marker washes off! If we talk about coloring, he will look at his hands to see if there are any marks on them from before! He did color on a pair of pants, on purpose. I bet it will happen again!

As you can see by this blog, my life is Sage and being pregnant right now! They are the top two things on my mind and what is on my mind comes out in this blog!


  1. It seems like no matter what you name a child, if it isn't Aiden or Brian people seem to have trouble and you have to explain it. We are constantly explaining Liam's name...and when we get to his middle name (Arden)people get confused.

    Wishing you many blessings on this pregnancy and your growing family!

  2. The naming thing is SO hard. Lucy's name means light, (the latin word for light is luce), and her middle name, well, you know where we got that. I know you're quandary. Before we named her I looked up on the Social Security website to see the rank of her name. It is low. BUt now with the Chronicle sof Narnia coming out we will probably hear of more Lucy's, I hope not! It seems like there are SO many Aidens, but it IS a nice name! I will pray that you guys find one you both like!

    Of course those are the things that are on your mind! No need to apologize about that here! Read my blog! That's all I blog about! ;)

  3. I think choosing a name for someone else is one of the most difficult decisions you ever have to make - it took me FOREVER!! I read every article I could find on how much it effects a person throughout their life, etc.. and then made myself crazy.

    Faith's went through a dada dada phase too.. and she doesn't even have one!! It's supposedly a very easy word that comes naturally.

    No apologies for what's in your blog - it's your personal journal after all.. if people don't like it.. click on by!


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