Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yale Harvard Game

The family with Handsome Dan.

Enjoying the game.

It was an awful game. Yale lost. We left when the score was 27 - 0.

But looking back at the last game we went to is a lot of fun. (Scroll down, it is titled Everything is Free- how do I link to just that post? anyone, anyone?)

Kolby was in my belly. We knew it was another boy. And good news! He wore the sweatshirt that Sage is wearing in the old picture. But, no one saw it under his jacket (also the same one that Sage wore).

Food was still free. Parking was still free. Admission was still free. We didn't buy any clothes for it this year.

But, we lost.

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  1. I think that if you click on the side bar on that particular title it will direct you to that exact post and you can link that but looking at yours now - you don't have it set to archive that way. Sorry, but I am lost on another way to do it!


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