Friday, November 02, 2007

Meet Gregory

Gregory is what we named our GPS system. We chose the British man to give us our directions. He sounds less irritated than the American woman when he says "Recalculating", which he says when we miss a turn he told us to take. (Disclaimer: My in-laws gave us this for an early Christmas present.)

Today, Sage was asking me what we are going to do today. I told him that we are going to a park this morning, have lunch at home, play, take naps, play, eat dinner, play and then it will be time for bed.

He told me that I could stay home and he will take Kolby to the park.

Me: "How are you going to get to the park?" Thinking about transportation.

Sage: "Gregory will tell me where to go!"

Me, laughing: "Your hilarious, Sage."

Sage, laughing: "Yes, I'm hilarious."

It makes me giggle just thinking about it!

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