Friday, November 30, 2007


I love to give gifts. I love finding or thinking of the perfect gift and watching that person open it and (hopefully) show genuine excitement. And at the same time, I love giving people things that they want, getting them the exact gift that they were hoping and hinting (obviously or not) for.

I have to put limits on myself. Or Drew puts limits on me, whatever. We decided that for me to not go overboard for Christmas gifts for the kids, we will limit the number. We chose three. For no reason except it was bigger than two which is what Drew wanted. A want, a need and something fun. The funny thing about those guidelines is that they are just guidelines and I can convince myself that most anything will fit those guidelines. This year, the boys are getting Smartwool socks and Sigg water bottles and something else. I have lots of ideas for the something else, like one of these planes, helicopters, or trucks.

But, I don't want to stop at just those things. There are so many toys that I think the boys would really enjoy. And sure, they are expensive, but they are wood and will last a long time and don't come with batteries! See how I can justify these things?

And then I remember that the gifts aren't what I want my kids to remember about Christmas. I want them to remember the Jesse Tree that we are starting this year. To know that the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Christ. Because Jesus was born. That is the only reason that we celebrate, not the gifts that we give and receive, the cookies or the parties, but because of Jesus and suddenly, the last something that I want to get them doesn't seem as important.

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  1. I agree. It's easy to go way overboard and lose the meaning of Christmas. I was in Learning Express the other day and there were all of these mom's with lists fifty items long! They were planning to buy EVERYTHING so that their kids wouldn't be disapointed. One of the women I talked to said something about not wanting the "magic of santa" to be ruined by not getting what was on the list. It made me sad and determined to never let Christmas turn into that.

    We're doing the Jesse Tree this year too. We started a little early so that we end on Christmas day.


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