Thursday, November 29, 2007

How Do You Sign An Email?

I was writing an email to someone that I don't know. I came to the end and didn't know how to end. I couldn't just write my name. Sincerely, seems so old fashioned and un-email, but I meant every word that I had typed, so sincerely fit, it made sense. I worried after I sent it that it made me appear older or more formal than I am.

But, how else to sign off? I thought of how my husband signs his. They have his name and title. So mine would say, First and Last Name and underneath Mommy. Hmm. Not really the impression I want to give either.

Or how about xxx or ooo or xoxo? No, those won't do either.

Any suggestions?


  1. thanks for the giggle today - I sign off with Brenda or Mrs. Willis (to some parents) or a nickname if it is someone close. If I have gotten info from them or asking I put Thanks are my ending.

    I would really like to see their face if you wrote "xoxox!"

  2. Hi. I usually say


  3. For me, it's usually just

    Take care,


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