Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's off to a good start.

Drew is staying home.

I slept in, until 8:30!

I'm enjoying my coffee and muffin while the boys ask endless questions to Drew. I love it when Sage has someone else to talk too.

Sage woke up at 4:30 with a bad dream. He came running, screaming and crying into our room. He said "Someone shoot a bad guy in my room, or not." It must have been disturbing because he wanted to sleep with us and he keeps talking about his bad dream this morning. He also said "Mommy, I am happy because I poop in potty but I am sad because I have a bad dream."

I remember having bad dreams and being so scared that I couldn't run to my parents room. It was so real. I dreamed that their were snake like animals with gerbil heads all over my floor that could eat me. I think I even woke up and could "see" them and couldn't run to my parents room because I was so afraid.

I am off to pack up Sage's 3T clothes and help Drew put plastic up on our windows. Our goal is to not turn on the heat until after Thanksgiving. It is 65 degrees in our house. We double jammied the boys last night. Only a week and a half to go!

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