Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Seesaw of Life

We are in a strange season of life. Drew will be graduating grad school in May, he had a great internship this summer and they offerred him a full time job. So many things about this job look perfect. The location is close to our families, we know there are churches we would want to attend, the hours would be good, travel would be minimal, but the location to our families is the one that pulls us the most. But with all those positives, I still haven't felt the peace that it is the job for us. The job for Drew. I wonder if it will get him where he wants to be in five years. I don't see it. But the positives, it would be easy and fun.

He is interviewing other places. Companies that could take us further from our families. It's exciting, scary and nerve-racking.

I like the idea of life being an adventure. I knew I didn't want to live in the city where I grew up. I wanted to experience something different. We have been experiencing something different for the past, almost three years now. Am I ready to go back to the familiar? Or am I ready for a new adventure?

Does it matter?

In either situation, familiar or not, it will be different, new. Not just because the city is new and different but because I am different. I have changed from who I was almost three years ago. I think I am figuring out who I am. Who I am in Christ. And that it doesn't really matter where we live, as long as I take Christ with me. And He is already there. He will be with me no matter where I move and I will learn more about Him and learn to depend on Him more.

I am growing up. I think. Somedays.

Not only am I different but we are different as a family. We have Kolby to take with us. We will have to find a doctor to continue monitoring his feet.

My prayer for this next chapter is that we continue to grow no matter where we are. We grow as a family, grow in our relationship to God, become more compassionate, more loving to others, and serve our Lord no matter where we are or if our family is close or not.

Life is a seesaw. Up and down. Up and down. Going through the same motions but never staying still.

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