Thursday, November 01, 2007

Grocery Shopping Day

I'm participating in NaBloPoMo. I will be posting everyday in the month of November. Every. Day. Saturday and Sunday included. And Thanksgiving. Hold on to your chairs, I know you are excited.

Thursday is my grocery shopping day, the Thursday closest to the first and fifteenth are my BIG grocery shopping days because that is when we withdraw money for our budget. That would be today.

I say BIG because I plan meals for 2 weeks and get everything that I need for those meals and hopefully I just have to do fill in ingredients that I missed, milk, bread and fruit runs.

Today, our stops were:
Babies R Us – not groceries but it is on the same road as all my other stops
Trader Joes
Sam’s Club
Stop and Shop

And yes, I do buy groceries at Target, have you seen how cheap their shredded and string cheese is? And yes, I pick up other Target necessities, like shirts, I mean shampoo.

Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing. It might be one of my least favorite things. I mean, to take the boys with me, it is my least favorite thing. I don’t mind it on my own; I enjoy it!

Today, Sage was in rare form. Not so rare, just naughty. Touching everything, picking everything up, climbing on the displays, stepping on things. He is so curious and just like his father, he wants to figure out how it works. So he pushes it, pulls it, fiddles with it and drives me crazy!

But, we made it through all those stops. I caved and we ate pizza at Sam’s Club for lunch. And it made Sam’s and Target much more enjoyable for all! (I say caved because I was completely planning on coming home for lunch, it was just taking too long and I knew it would be easier to eat out to be able to get home and take naps.)

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  1. impressed you got all that done in the morning!!! Love to hear about your budgeting technics!


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