Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Job

I am a stay at home mom. That is what I do. When people ask me what I do, I say, I just stay at home with the boys. Did you catch that? I say "just". Like my job is not that important. I want to drop that word. It is like a nasty four letter word in that sentence. Just.

I take my job seriously. I do a lot of work around our house. I plan meals, grocery shop, cook meals, clean up meals, bake things, laundry, clean the house, play with the kids, bathe the kids, the list goes on. It isn't a "just" type of job. Is there any job that is a "just"? I just design buildings. I just flip burgers. I just defend the law. I just take care of other peoples kids. Every job is important in our society. If no one flipped burgers, some people wouldn't have anything to eat, if no one designed buildings, people wouldn't have a place to go to work. It goes on and on.

But here's the thing. I enable Drew to do his job. I do a lot for him, so he is able to do a good job at his job, school and looking for a job.

Sometimes, I get bent out of shape that Drew doesn't do more around the house to help out. But, it isn't his job. It's mine. He doesn't get bent out of shape with me because I can't draw a building for him or fill in an excel spreadsheet.

But, I help him, so he should help me. And he does. He helps bathe the kids when he is home. he reads them a story, prays with them, sings with them and tucks them in, he changes Kolby's diaper, and once in a great while, he will wash the dishes, if I ask.

Sometimes, the people at my job drive me crazy!

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  1. I love your last line. It's so true! :o)


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