Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's A Girl To Do?

I have been to Target three days it a row.

I am not proud of that fact.

Thursday we had to go because we had no food.

Friday we had to go because I forgot we are leaving for a trip on Sunday and I didn't buy snacks.

Today, I had to go because I forgot to buy Kolby diapers for the trip. I used to go to Target with diapers at the top of my list, but since I so rarely use disposables, they totally slipped my mind and I am pretty sure the 4 that we had wouldn't last us a week!

I went by myself today and tried on this dress. It didn't fit in my chest.

I am in between sizes in almost everything. Size 8 jeans, a tad too big, size 6, too small. Size L top, too big, but fits in the shoulders, size M top, fits fairly well except usually a little tight in the shoulders. Even with the length of jeans, a long in jeans, tad too long, regular, tad too short.

This leaves me very frustrated with shopping. A tailor would be ideal. I could go to him/her pick out the style and fabric and get it made to fit ME, not most of America.

But, I settle for a tad big and frumpy or sometimes a tad small.

It is really all about what your face says about what is on the inside of you.

Smiling = Confident

Frowning = Ugly

I try to go with a smile and not compare myself to every other girl in the room and it ends up being a great time!

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