Friday, November 16, 2007

Haircut and Highlight

Drew doesn't have class on Fridays. Normally, he still goes somewhere and does something. He calls it studying.

I got the brilliant idea that he could come home on Friday afternoon while the boys napped and study at home so I could go get a haircut and a highlight.

His professors schedule changed and they did end up meeting today, so Drew told me he wouldn't be able to come home. I cancelled my haircut and highlight.

Did I mention that I haven't gotten my haircut or highlighted since June?

He called me today. I asked what he was up to. He said, going to get money so I can go get my haircut.

How easy it is for him to go get a haircut.

I am not even going to point out how unfair this is or rant about it. I am just going to leave it at that.


  1. I can totally feel your pain. It usually takes an act of God in order for a SAHM to get out and get a hair cut. I'm sorry your plans got changed today. I'm sure you're disappointed to say the least but God's ways are better than our ways...maybe he knew your hair would possibly turn green w/ this hilight :)



  2. Mine had to get rescheduled about a week ago and my taupe roots were really needing it. The best part - I got a coupon in the mail for the place so on my rescheduled date I got $15 off. Praying a coupon falls into your mailbox :)

  3. I got a haircut and highlights at the end of had been 8 months!

    Guess where my hubby is? At the movies with friends. Guess what time he left? 5:15...they got dinner first. Guess who was a tad disgruntled b/c when they (I) go out with friends it's usually sometime after know after the kids are fed and in bed?


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