Friday, October 31, 2008

Plea for Help

Yesterday, a mom was watching Kolby run ahead of us and commented on how cute he is to watch run. His little legs don't move very fast but his arms pump and pump and pump. It's like all the action is in his arms. Then she said, something about how he doesn't move fast but he tries hard.

And then she said "But, I guess he does have a little junk in his trunk."

I was a little taken aback and the only thing I could think of to say was yeah. Later, I decided, I should have said "I had that same thought watching you walk!" That was the unkind thing to say. I'm glad I didn't say it.

He was wearing hand me down pants from Sage and I'll admit, they were tight in the butt. All of his pants are a little tight and a little hard to button. If he is wearing a cloth diaper, forget buttoning!

That brings me to my plea for help. I need pants that actually fit Kolby. I feel bad telling my 2 year old to suck it in so I can button his pants! But, I'm cheap. And don't suggest Lands End because they have elastic waist, I have a pair of shorts from there for him and they were um, hard to pull up and down. Poor Kolby. I feel so badly sharing this information with the internet but I need help! I've looked at MiniBoden but I don't know if I can bring myself to spend $34 on one pair of pants for him.

Who sells a husky 3T?


  1. Clothes for kids are SO HARD because in the sizing they somehow have to accommodate both height and weight; all of us with kids on one extreme or the other of their relative weight for their height have such a hard time. I don't have much advice, actually, but just plenty of commiseration. I'm trying to get a bunch of pants for Grace sewn before the baby comes so she has something to wear when it gets cold.

  2. Townes had the same problem, especially with the cloth diaper on. Gap loose fit are great( have elastic waist) and fuller legs, they have a lot of room in the tush too! He's probably going to have a growth spurt here pretty soon, that's why he's packing on the pounds. Townes does that, then he grows 2 inches!

  3. Oh no she didn't! (Hear me growling righ now.) I'm sorry you met someone so rude. I just moved Jackson up to the next size pants at Old Navy and just sinched up the little tightners as much as I could. They're working out well. Other than that I got no good help!

  4. What you should have said was there's nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk! What a rude lady---I'm worse than you---I would have found something about her child to point out to her. Kudos to you for being the bigger person. :) I'm really no help on the pant issue but felt I needed to stick up for Kolby! I know how it feels to have extra junk in the trunk! :)

  5. I'm into husky guys. That lady was a nut. Sorry.

  6. Whaaatt?! (said in a screechy, incredulous voice)

    Who would say that?

    Chiming in late, but what about the Genuine Kids line from Target? The adjustable waists are wonderful.


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