Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dear Mr. Weather Man,

I don't know why I called you dear because I don't hold you dear in my heart. Not this year, anyway.

You keep giving us weather appropriate for our region, but I can't help but roll my eyes and sigh everyday when I hear or read the forecast. And then you try to give me hope by saying a cold front is coming in! A cold front, bringing mid eighties! That is not a cold front!

Did you know that the date is October 7? OCTOBER! I am supposed to be making yummy soups, pumpkin bread, chili, shepherds pie.

I am supposed to be wearing jeans, everyday. Without thinking about it, wake up and get dressed in my jeans and a sweatshirt. At least a long sleeve shirt, maybe even a jacket on top. Definitely no flip flops anymore.

Do you know what I am wearing everyday? Flip flops. Shorts. Skirts. Short sleeved dresses. T-shirts.

What am I cooking? I don't know. I keep trying to cook fall like meals. They just don't taste as yummy. And it is so hard to want to make potato soup when it is 88 degrees plus humidity.

I try to pretend it is fall and burn my favorite candle but it just isn't the same. I look outside and see bright sunshine and green leaves. The only dead leaves are from Hurricane Ike.

I don't even want to buy gourds and pumpkins to decorate my mantle. It just doesn't seem right.

I try to have a good attitude, but really, the pool is still open. Sage still wants to go swimming every afternoon. I just can't do it.

Maybe in January or February, I will enjoy the forecasts a little more.




  1. It is so, so dreadful. Autumn is the worst to deal with mentally, although spring is pretty bad too when you realize that you have to get out shorts and sandals and it is only March and you realize that interminable warm/hot weather that stretches out in front of you. Weather is definitely one of the negatives of living in Texas. Boo!

  2. so true. sorry. i even bought new flip flops this weekend. halloween is on occasion chilly...but don't bet on it. and for sure buy costumes that are well-suited for warm weather.

  3. New England misses you, too. :o)

  4. Yep, this was definitely one of the biggest adjustments I had when I moved from Ohio to Arkansas. Fall has always been the best time of year...except in the south.

  5. i've got my pumpkin pie candle burning right now!!! ah, soon enough it will be super cold! agh!


  6. Britta was just talking the other day how it's weird that the corn is still a little green. :) We have been having nice cool days though. Chase asks me at least twice a week when we can go swimming again (and he means outside); just doesn't seem to understand "next year."


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