Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Amazing Sage

Yesterday, from the dining room, I hear, "I wrote my name, S A G E!" We told him to show it to us. He proudly walked over with the sheet of paper and sure enough, he had written his name! And, it was in the right order going from right to left.

Drew and I were very surprised and kind of laughed and told him what a good job it was.

This morning, he was playing with the magna doodle and said "Look, I wrote TOY!" And sure enough he had. (I took a picture but I still can't find the card reader.) He learned how to spell toy from Toy Story when Woody tells Buzz "You are a toy, T O Y, toy!" Then he proceeded to write zoo but he got the z backwards.

We have been doing a little bit of "homeschool". I put it in quotations because we aren't consistent with it and I don't have a real curriculum just some Hooked on Phonics for his lower case letter recognition and handwriting (which I haven't really started) stuff and he colors. Maybe I am holding him back by not doing it everyday with him. Just add it to the list of things that should be getting done in a day!

*This post is mainly for my mom. I know many 4 year olds are much more advanced! But we're proud of our Sage!


  1. newsflash - all homeschoolers school that way ;-)

    some do it on purpose - they call themselves unschoolers.

    I didn't get a lick of school in last week and for some reason the break made everyone boost up a level - you just never know!

    and...he is doing awesome! he is just right!

  2. Good for Sage! Chase can't even really hold the pencil right. I'm working on spelling his name with him. (out loud, not writing)

  3. Hank's in 4 year old preschool and he can trace his name but will do it only for homework otherwise he has no interest at all. They all go at their own pace so I say you are doing great with whatever you do :)


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