Friday, October 03, 2008

Drama Trauma

We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch today. It was a special treat for the boys and then we were going to pick out Sage's school supplies because we have been sorely lacking in that department. We don't have a red crayon or children's scissors or anything else really. It was supposed to be fun.

Sage and Kolby were in the play area and I was chatting with a mom at a different table, just a little and then I heard it. The sound of Sage's cry. He was just coming out of the door, his face was twisted up into his cry and his hands were balled up by his mouth and nose.

I was asking what happened? what happened? as I scooped him up, moved his hands to check for blood and walked back to our table. The whole restaurant was looking at us because Sage isn't a quiet crier. He's loud, very loud. His head went right to my shoulder and something made me want to check for blood again. I pulled my shoulder back and craned my neck to look at his face. And that's when I saw it. Blood pouring from his nose and into his open mouth. I was surprised and stood up quickly carrying him to where there were napkins. It sounded like the whole restaurant gasped, but maybe it was just me. I said "Jesus, help." An employee asked if she could bring me a bag of ice, I said sure. I was trying to hold napkins continuously under his nose and comfort him. As I threw the dirty napkins into the trash can, I noticed the trash can was missing. I knew nobody wants to pick up someone else's bloody napkins, so I picked them up and set them on a clean napkin on the counter where Sage was sitting. The blood slowed quickly to a trickle, I asked for a glass of ice water for him since he had blood in his mouth and he started to calm down.

I grabbed a bunch more napkins and realized that I had left Kolby at our table eating his ice-cream. I looked up and the sweet mom that I had been chatting with earlier had gotten up and stood next to Kolby while I dealt with Sage. I thanked her as she gathered her kids and left. Kolby never stopped eating his ice cream.

We started to make our way out, getting Sage's shoes from the play area and cleaning up Kolby after his ice cream.

Then came the sneeze. The sneeze that sent blood droplets flying through the air landing on me, Sage and the floor. Luckily, the table across from us was empty! The bummer is that I have to wash my maternity shorts that I just washed again and they weren't even stretched out enough as it was.

The story finally came out. Sage was going down the slide and a little girl decided to climb up it. And BAM! Bloody nose.

My son's first bloody nose was from a girl. And he was the only one crying.

(I think, I didn't really look around the restaurant to see if anyone else came out crying, actually I did see one little kid but I thought it was a boy that was crying and Sage said it was a girl climbing up the slide.)

I have a strange reaction when my kids get hurt. I go into fix it mode but at the same time, I am on the verge of bursting into tears. I hate seeing them crying and bloodied. It's part fear too. Fear of what else could be wrong that I can't see yet. Fear that it is something that I won't be able to fix with a handful of napkins, lots of hugs and kisses and maybe a little Tylenol.

Sage decided to forgo Target and opted to go right home. He was a little shook up. Now, he is resting, make that napping next to me on the bed. I might still be a little shook up too.


  1. Oh, so sad! I feel like crying for you...

    I remember one moment like this with my now 27-year old daughter Jane like it was yesterday. She was 3 years old and she was riding on her tricycle in our driveway. At one moment, she lifted her feet from the pedals and went sailing into a rose bush next to our garage. She screamed. And screamed. And she wouldn't open her eyes. My husband and I rushed her to the emergency room... and she had to be coaxed by a physician to open her eyes to check for damage. Blood from the thorns was trickling down her cheeks and forehead. Finally, Jane opened her eyes. It didn't look bad... but the physician needed to do some tests. Everything turned out fine... but what a scare. It is just so difficult to see our children hurt... it is the worst.

    I am exhausted thinking about it... even all these years later. I hope everything is better in your home! Thinking of you...

  2. I am DYING over here about his first bloody nose being from a girl - and he is the only one crying!

    I could just picture the whole event taking place1 :)

  3. Poor Sage. That is one bad owie!

    I feel for you, too. When you have to spring from relaxed to crisis mode in less than a second, the can effects linger long after the blood has stopped flowing.


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