Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm Stupid

Today, while we were at a birthday party for one of Sage's friends, Sage got another bloody nose. This time, thanks to his brother. Personally, I think Kolby was paying him back for all those tackles that Sage loves to give. Realistically, a two year old was holding a putt-putt club and his 4 year old brother was standing within striking distance. It was a complete accident.

What I did though, was just completely neurotic. I saw the blood, Drew was right there to help Sage, I was a couple steps behind. I took off running to the clubhouse to get paper towels. In my mind, no one out on the putt-putt golf course would have something that we could use to absorb all the blood. I didn't have my purse or diaper bag, they were in the car, so why would another mother be prepared?! As soon as I took off running, my 9 month pregnant body screamed that it was a stupid, stupid decision. Know what I did? Kept running. Yep. I don't know what I looked like, but in my mind, I was running really fast. Realistically, I probably looked hilarious, but let's not dwell on that.

Another mother did have a diaper bag or something, because she provided a wet wipe that worked perfectly. And my paper towels were rendered useless.

So, the useless paper towels that I so desperately needed caused much pain in my body. I can seriously hardly walk.

All for the love of my child. And not getting blood on his precious, green, soccer t-shirt he insisted on wearing. (I hope you catch the sarcasm, I don't love the soccer t-shirt)

And that is why the rest of the day I have moaned and groaned as I've wobbled and waddled my way from the bathroom and back to the couch.


  1. Go SuperMommy! Hope you felt better for the dash to church this morning :)

  2. No daughter of mine is stupid - impulsive maybe, but never stupid! I hope you are feeling better today and that Baby Boy #3 is not too upset with you for all that extra running around! Love you so much, Mom

  3. well, it was a bummer moment that makes for a great memory... in retrospect, right? it will be funny later???



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