Monday, October 20, 2008

Another First

First for those curious, I do feel a lot better. I didn't make it to church on Sunday but by Sunday night I could complete my mama tasks. And today I feel as close to 100% as possible for a nine month pregnant lady.

I lazily stayed in bed this morning listening to the boys play in their room wishing that I hadn't stayed up until midnight last night putting sheets on the queen bed in the baby/guest room. (Which is almost done! Crib needs set up and I need to get out our tub of baby clothes and organize but we are so close! My mom could arrive and we would be proud to have her sleep there!)

Anyway, as I was rounding the corner to come down the stairs I heard a little crash and a wail. Sage was ahead of me so I started saying "Sage, what happened?" I only got a wail in response. He was standing as I ran down the stairs. I saw that he had dropped his "tickets" (clothing price tags) and beside it looked like some sort of red toy that I didn't realize he had. I sat on the bottom step and noticed blood all over his hands. I saw blood dripping all over our carpeted landing. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

I turned him around saw a lot of blood in his pretty blonde curls. I prayed out loud. "Lord, help me know what to do." I took his pajama shirt off and pressed it against his head. I called my mom. She told me to get it cleaned out and see if it needed stitches.

The blood wasn't dripping anymore, so I took him upstairs to our bathroom to try to clean it out with peroxide. I just kept dumping it on his head. He had stopped crying and I could tell that the gash was pretty open but couldn't see how deep since it was always bloody.

This was about 7:50am. I waited until 8 and called the pediatrician and hoped that I could bring him in there to get stitches rather than the ER. No go. But she did tell me that if the two sides of the wound were not touching, stitches were probably required.

Sage was totally calm and back to normal by this point. I figured we should all eat breakfast before we go wait in the ER for who knows how long. So we ate, I packed a bag of suckers and fruit snacks for bribes and a bag of toys for the waiting.

When I came downstairs with Sage to get breakfast, Kolby had helped himself to 3 yogurts and was getting a spoon. The little stinker. I didn't even scold him, just helped him open one to eat! He was just taking care of himself!

We went to the ER, got checked in, taken right back to the ER room and within 5 minutes the nurse practitioner had come in and looked at his head. She confirmed he needed stitches, 2 or 3. I asked if we had to shave any of his hair. I was so relieved when she answered no!

She came back and gave them each a sucker and Sage was working on the magna doodle so she had him look down and do that while she numbed the area and then stitched it and cleaned it.

He did so great. No tears at all. I was so impressed. I had pictured this huge ordeal trying to hold him down while he screamed and screamed.

We had heard a song on the cd that he requested on the way to the ER that said essentially God will give you the power to be brave. I told Sage about it and prayed for him to be brave. God definitely answered yes to that prayer!

I have pictures to show you the gruesome details. But, I can't find my card reader and someone else was the last to use it so... those will have to wait.

Also, remember how upset I got when he got his first bloody nose at Chick-fil-A? I didn't feel that way at all this time. I was calm and collected. I figured out what to do and did it. I think it helped that Sage couldn't see all the blood and wasn't freaking out over it.

And hydrogen peroxide totally takes blood out of carpet. I might be trying it for his Buzz Lightyear pajamas too!

A random note, the nurse practitioner asked if I was pregnant! She couldn't tell. I was sitting down but really, kind of strange. I guess it is good she isn't an OB nurse!

I'm off to nap, I'll try to post the pictures tomorrow.


  1. Wow, you guys have had quite the string of traumatic, bloody incidents lately, haven't you? I'm so glad the trip to the ER wasn't too dreadful and hang in there...

  2. Poor little guy... glad it wasn't worse!

    You must be really small for her to not notice. :)


  3. Tell Sage we're proud of him for trusting Jesus and being brave. :) I'm glad everything turned out OK for you.

  4. Wish I could give you a hug and Sage too.

  5. I the first mom to think "badge of honor?"

    Stitches are the threads that boys to manhood. (Alright, that was kind of dumb but I tried to be poetic.)

    Glad to hear you made it through okay. My ER stitches stories weren't so calm. I literally had to lay on top of my kids every time they've had stitches. (Caleb 2, Aiden 1)

    It was Caleb's 'biting through his tongue' episode that really made me squirm. Ahh...memories.


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