Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Who wants Diet Coke?

Apparently Sage does. As I was cleaning up the floor from his lunch, he walked over to the computer, reached up and grabbed my glass of diet coke, which came spilling down on his face, back and of course all over the floor! It was pretty funny. I was bending over sweeping up the floor of crumbs and I hear this fffffiiiiiiizzzzzz and then crying. I look up to see Sage standing there with the glass still held above his head tipped over. He wasn't too happy. I don't know if the fizz got in his eye but I was laughing too hard to comfort him, which probably didn't make him happier. He lived through it. We changed his clothes and I cleaned up another mess made by Sage. I did think to put him in the pack-n-play while I cleaned so there wasn't another mess waiting for me.

So, we have this booster seat. Made by First Years. The top tray comes off for easy washability or as Sage figured out, easy dumpability. We scratched the top tray. The tray also swivels for easy one handed in and out of the child. Sage figured out that if he pushed with his feet and pulled with his hands, he can also get this tray off. So, we have now put a phone book on the seat for him to sit on and pull him up to the table for meals where he is learning to eat off a plate. Which he has figured out, is even easier to dump than the two previous trays. We are also exploring the world of self feeding with a fork. I thought fingers were messy but boy this fork does so much more! Fingers threw food onto the floor, forks mash food into tiny crumbs so they can be deposited on the floor by the fingers. For the next baby, we will buy a plastic high chair and I will read a ton of online reviews before I buy it. Moral of the story: Don't buy First Years Swivel Tray Booster Seat- it stinks!

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