Saturday, October 08, 2005

Random happenings

Sage slept unitl 9:10am this morning! It was amazing. Drew and I slept unitl 8:30. Sage was up in the night however around 3:30. I gave him a bottle and he went back to sleep. At 6, he cried out for 2 minutes and then not a peep until 9:10! And I am going to have a newborn?! Just when it is getting so good!

Yesterday morning Sage and I went to a MOPS group. It took 25 minutes to drive there but there are about 50 women signed up and about 30 were there. I saw moms who looked to be around my age but didn't get to meet them. Sage did great in the nursery and that always makes me feel good. I did get a phone number of a mom who said I should come over for lunch or something. She has a 5 month old boy. Then there was a message on me cell phone from a friend who was coming to town to go to Ikea and could I meet her. So, we jumped back in the car and went to Ikea for lunch. I never knew there Swedish meatballs were so yummy! Sage liked them too! So we had a fun day.

I have had a headache for the last 3 days but today it seems better. I am drinking a ton of water. And baths help a lot at night to help me relax and be able to fall asleep.

Sage has our old cell phone for his play phones and he will walk around all day with it up to his ear. It is so funny to watch this small child "talking" on a cell phone. And he is obsessed with the garbage. He likes to take things out and put things in.

Drew is working at studio today all day. It is a bummer. I am sick of this school thing. When can we just have a somewhat normal life?


  1. Hey! I LOVE the high chair! It is so awesome! You can adjust it up and down, and also roll it around and put the baby in a reclining position if she falls asleep in it. I LOVE it! I would look for one used; they are really expensive new. Are you getting one for Sage?

  2. When does D graduate? I can totally understand you wanting him to so you can feel more normal! It is nice having the husband come home at a normal time every day. Isn't he done next summer?


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