Monday, October 31, 2005


Weight: 149
Babies Heartbeat: 120

I gained 2 lbs. in the last month. That gives me hope that I won't gain as much this time as I did with Sage (40 lbs.). But I am skeptical also because I remember putting more weight on in the second trimester so I guess next visit will be an indicator. I am definitly not eating healthier!

Sage slept through the night last night! But today, I didn't give him a morning nap and now his afternoon nap, he has been yelling for 15 minutes now. I am not too hopeful for an afternoon nap. On the way to my appointment, he fell asleep in the car for about 5 minutes and I was hoping he wouldn't consider that his nap, but....

Drew is busy with school again this week. He has a big project for Wed. and then a 15 page paper due next week. He isn't even going to come home for dinner tonight and that is very unusual.

Sage and I are going to a Fall Festival party through church tonight. I am going to help and hand out candy or something, I don't remember. At least we have something to do since we won't look forward to Drew coming home.

I will try to post Halloween pics tomorrow!

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