Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A small rant

S and I went to the mall yesterday to get a baby gift. Anyway, they have this nice new parking garage and they have 4 reserved spaces for patrons who are expecting and who have stollers. I happen to fall into both categories so I gladly parked there. When I was leaving, a man pulled into one of said spots (with no car seat to be seen) and parked there. I am pretty sure that he wasn't expecting either. It really bugs me that people who clearly have no business parking there park! I mean people like me have to go to a lot of work to get to the mall (this happens at the grocery store too) and am so thankful for a close parking spot. Where do they get off just jumping out of there car and worrying about no one but themselves. I get out of the car, pop the trunk, set up the stroller, close the trunk, get the diaper bag and my purse into the stroller basket, get S unhooked from his car seat and strapped into the stroller all the while trying to remember where I put my keys so I don't lock them in the car! And I have to remember to lock all the doors that I have unlocked. (Cheap car- don't ask)

So, yesterday I made lasagna for dinner and we had a friend over for dinner whose wife is out of town. S eats normally and eats well and then starts acting really tired and kind of cranky. I put him in the tub and give him his bottle and then go to lay him down in his dark room, when he pukes. I turn the light on and he pukes again. D has already left to go back to school to work so I grab my phone and call him to come back. I get S out of his pukey pajamas and start to clean the sheet out. My sister had told me you have to clean out the chunks, they don't magically disappear in the washer! So, as I am cleaning out the sheet, I start puking in the kitchen sink! D walks in the midst of this, hands me the dish washer tub and sends me to the bathroom because the sink is backing up. So gross. He deals with the sink then bleaches the heck out of it. I put clean jammies on S and we put clean sheets on his bed. Dishes need to be washed and a load of laundry needs to be started. D washes the dishes as I rock S. I start the laundry when D is done with the dishes. Remember our portable washer hooks up to the kitchen sink? We get all that done and I keep rocking S and at 9 decide to lay him down again. I have tried and failed previously. He cries for 10 minutes but he was acting fine. He didn't even want to be rocked, he just wanted to walk around and play. At 10:30 when I am wanting to go to bed, I go check on him and as I open the door, he stands up in his crib. So, I get him. And try to bring him to bed with me. He is having none of that. He won't even let me sit or rock. He keeps pointing and signing please. I have no idea what he wants. Finally, I give him some water and make him wait 1o minutes between drinks. At 11:11 I decide he needs to go to bed. He is playing with cars while sitting on my lap which involves dropping them where he has to wriggle around to get them and then dropping them in the same place again. He screams for 1 minute and then stops. I call D who was back at school by 9 and tell him to check him when he gets home. D gets home at 1, checks S who wakes up. D tries to comfort him and ends up giving him a couple ounces of milk to calm him down and get him to go back to sleep. He told me this in my sleepiness and I sit straight up in bed and freak out. I am like, he is going to puke again and we don't have any more sheets for his bed. (No dryer) D apologizes over and over and says he will get up in a few hours and check on him. I wake up at 4, needing to pee, so check on S who is sleeping peacefully with no puke around him. I go back to bed, S wakes up around 7 and starts talking and then falls back asleep until 8:30. I also sleep until 8:30. He is now taking a nap, and has had a piece of toast for breakfast with water. And is acting completly normal. I think I will stick with water today and bland foods.

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  1. For some reason the "He screams for 1 minute and then stops" cracked me up. L does that. it is so completely random and so weird. She was doing that tonight. These crazy kids just rock our worlds, don't they?

    I hope you get a better sleep tonight! LOVE the blog! S isn't here tonight and I'm sad ;(



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