Friday, October 28, 2005

Getting things done

Yesterday, Sage and I stayed home and cleaned the apartment. I got a lot done and I feel like I have gotten a lot done today. We went to Baby Catalog Outlet store and Sage and I tried all the double strollers that I wanted! He was so good getting put from one to another and me trying the car seat in the stroller. It made him happy to hold my purse and chew the strap. Kate Spade is good for something! I am still in a quandry about which one to get. I have heard not to get the side by side because you can't fit in any stores. I have heard not to get a front and back seater because they are hard to push and you can't see the front child. And price plays a large factor in my decision making process. I found one that I really like but it is a brand that is unknown to me. Compass. It is an umbrella style front and back seater and weighs only 23lbs. I want see it folded up because it also needs to fit in my trunk and leave room for other things. Like what if we want to go on a trip and take the stroller and we have luggage and 2 kids in car seats makes things a bit tight in our small Saturn. I couldn't fold it because of lack of hands. Drew, Sage and I will go back sometime. Price is great at $160. The Graco Duoglider comes in at $180 and was a lot longer and the weight isn't listed which probably means HEAVY! Side by sides, the clear winner would be the Mclaren twin traveler at, hold your breath people, $299 and that is the cheapest I have heard. But it seems like there is not enough room for Sage's shoulders and he is only going to get bigger. Funny because I have seen these out and about and never thought that the kids looked scrunched in them and Sage isn't huge, a little above average but not much.

Sage isn't taking morning naps anymore. He talks, cries, whines the whole time he is in there. Today was the third day like that. Afternoon naps aren't going much better. An hour at best and this afternoon is looking like nil. I thought he was asleep but he just started crying again. What is the deal?! Frustrating because I need time to myself and if he doesn't sleep, he is going to be grouchy! Mostly because of the grouchy factor. Part of this nap problem might be because I didn't turn on the fan in his room. I bought a noise machine and turned the wind noise on. I am hoping this works because it is just too cold to run his fan. He also wakes up at night, probably because he is cold. Now that we don't run air conditioners in our rooms, I am starting to notice how much you can hear in this apartment. Everything. A human elephant lives upstairs. No joke. I don't know how much louder one person can walk! I think she wakes up Sage in the morning like right before 7. I think that because he wakes up crying and he was waking up and just talking to himself and playing with his aquarium.

Too many random things. This post probably only makes sense to me.

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