Monday, October 03, 2005

15 weeks and 2 days

That is the official count of how far along I am. I weighed in at 147.5, up 4 pounds from last visit. The baby's heart rate was 148. My ultrasound is Monday, October 24 at 1:00pm.

I tried to lay Sage down for a nap at my friends house while I went to an appointment this afternoon but no such luck on the nap part. She said he was really good though when he was up. So his afternoon nap was 15 minutes in the car. Oh well. Win some, lose some.

I took Sage to the park yesterday and he went head first down the twisty slide. He learned it from his cousins in Iowa and had no doubts about it when we got there. It was pretty funny, especially considering last time we tried to video him going down the slide, he bonked his head on the side and didn't enjoy it so much. It is fun to watch him grow up! He loved being outside in my friend's backyard today. He just walked all around, put rocks in his mouth and was pretty dirty by the time we came in!

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