Saturday, October 29, 2005

Can we get some sleep here?

Yesterday, Sage took 0 naps. 0. Big. Fat. 0. And last night he woke up twice. Once at 2:15 and then at 5:15. I didn't let him cry it out because when we put him to bed he seemed to be getting a cold. At 2:15, I gave him more Tylenot Cough and Cold and a bottle and change the diaper. I thought we were golden until at least 7. 5:15am he starts crying, I give him 10 minutes no settling back down. I change his diaper again and then think, fine another bottle but only 4oz this time. He downs the 4 oz and is mad that the bottle is empty, fine another 4 oz. He signs all done, I lay him down, he cries for 5 minutes. It is 5:50am by this time. Elephant girl gets up above us. I hear her walking around her room and then get in the shower. 6:30, Sage starts crying. I get up all pissy because Drew hasn't helped yet. I pray for patience with Sage and mess with him until 7:50. I got him back to sleep twice but as soon as I lay him down, he stands up in his crib and cries. So frustrating. I have been awake since 5:15 and had trouble sleeping between 3 and 5:15 anyway. I go back to our room, Sage is still crying and has been since 7:28 when I laid him down. Drew and I talk, he says I need to ask for help because he knows that I want to let Sage cry for a little bit and he doesn't know how long etc. I say he can at least let me know he is willing and awake and ask what we are going to do. That is settled and I had prayed about my attitude while rocking Sage sitting on the floor of his room. (If I go to the LR and sit in the comfy black leather rocking recliner, he gets mad and tugs on my shoulders to stand up) And I needed a lot of prayer! Drew got up with him and let me sleep 2 more hours! Sage cried for an hour and a half while not sleeping during his morning nap. Maybe I should just give up on the morning nap. I guess it is possible it is time for him to drop that. So, when do I shower?

On a happy note, he did fall asleep for his afternoon nap! I pray tonight goes better. He has been coughing and sneezing today also. And I am just tired.

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  1. Honey,

    I wish I could tell you the extent of sleep deprivation I've been through in the past (almost) 21 months. It's so hard.. it drives you to tears.. it makes you feel like you're losing your mind.

    If you're anything like me (and it sounds like you are in this area) you aren't good about asking for help. But after being the lab rat in the sleep deprivation experiment I can honestly tell you - if I had someone to ask for help.. I would.

    It sounds like you're doing a great job. It's really hard when the big issue with babies is sleep - because that can really effect everyone involved.

    Big hugs and lots of empathy.


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