Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'm so bad

I bought some baby girl clothes. I know, I know, we don't know what we are having yet but I was at Baby Gap outlet (25 minutes away and only because I had driven a friend to a counseling session and had to kill time) and the deals were unbelievable! The most expensive thing that I bought was $5.97 and I know from working at the Gap that when things are priced at .97, they aren't getting any cheaper. And I got onesie shirts for $1.97 and matching pants for $3.97 and now, I am bidding on girl clothes on ebay. I am so bad! I am probably jinxing myself and for sure we are having a boy! Oh, well.

What is the deal with pregnant women not wanting to wear maternity clothes? I am 18 weeks, about 4 months along and want to wear my maternity jeans because they are more comfortable. No buttons digging into my stomach, no pants falling so low that I am always hiking them up... So I gave in and wore them to a MOPS meeting. Then I felt dumb because 1) I am not that big yet and 2) there were 2 other preggers there, farther along than me and not wearing maternity clothes yet. So, today I went back to my jeans that are a size too big normally but they fall low and I constantly am jacking them back up. Drew, Sage and I went to run errands and it is raining and they got so wet that I had to change into comfy sweats when we got home. My point of this rambling is why do pregnant women, who would be more comfortable and look pregnant instead of a little bit large, not wear maternity clothes?!


  1. I love subselects / subqueries
    I spent so long in MySQL without the option of subselects - that I got so used to JOINing tables as the only way of doing things.
    Freom Bloger

  2. k - hey! I just found your blog this weekend when I checked my old email. i pray you are doing well, I love you so much and say go right ahead with those girl clothes! ;) ps. my website is if you ever were bored online and wanted to check out a bit of my life! Thanks so much for the CD/DVD I love it. in Christ, KRISTA

  3. Hey! I think you are having a girl too! ;) Baby Gap is SO dangerous for those girl clothes! Can't wait to find out! You probably know by now! I think you are an hour ahad of us and it is 1 here.



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