Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Getting Bigger!

Sage, not my belly. We went to his 15 month check-up this morning and he weighed in at 25 lbs 9 oz and was 32 and 3/8 inches tall! 75th percentile for weight and 60th for height. Exactly the same as last time so he is growing perfectly! He got two shots but only whined through them didn't really full out cry. He isn't really talking yet and the doctor didn't seem too worried but said if he isn't talking by 18 months, we should have him evaluated. He does say dada consistently and he was saying ball but he hasn't said that in a while. Sometimes it sounds like he is trying to imitate us when we say all done. He does hear and understand because if we say "do you want to take a bath?" He walks to the bathroom and he usually follows me if I say "Sage, follow mommy". And he can point to his foor and nose and sometimes he will get mouth and head too. But he won't do it all the time.

Can I get a day off? I mean a day where I don't have to cook, clean, wash dishes, do the laundry, or be responsible for someone else. This mom thing is a super full time job with little breaks. And sometimes, I just want to pee without saying no, don't unroll the toilet paper.

I'm tired today. Sage woke up around 3 but I decided to give him 10 minutes to go back to sleep by himself and he did! He wasn't crying like he was scared or a hard cry just kind of yelling. Normally, I would have gotten him right away and given him some milk but I really want to break that habit. It is bad for his teeth and he doesn't need those extra calories in the middle of the night. And I really don't want him getting up in the middle of the night. I really don't think I can handle getting up with 2 kids! Anyway, I am tired because I had such a hard time falling asleep and then falling back asleep after Sage woke up. Partly because I was sure he would wake up and cry out again. So, it kind of felt like I just laid there until 5 when Drew's alarm went off. And then I went back to sleep until 7:30, laid there until 10 to 8 when I decided to shower for the day before Sage got up since he had his dr. appt.

Well, I need to do something productive, like pay bills!


  1. Dude, I felt the way this, can't I have a break? And I know it will only get harder as she gets older. So you are my HERO for having a 16 month old AND being 4 months pregnant...argh!

  2. Hi! I found you thru a comment on Faith and Holli, I hope you don't mind...
    We had 2 boys in a row, then a girl, then 10 yrs later(yes I did say 10) a girl and then a boy. To be really honest, it was great having those 1st 2 boys in a row! they were/are so close. They have always been very different, but rely on each other. The clothes can get passed down and later shared etc. Don't tell my girls this, but boys are soooo much easier shhh!

    And no it never ever ends. You have to go away to get a break and if you are like most mamas in real life, that is far and few between!

    Come visit my blog if you'd like...~mama

  3. I thought I'd let you know that I asked Leah's Dr. about her not talking very much, and he wasn't worried either. She gets out a few things clearly (dada, mama, moo, and woof). That's about it. She also only knows a few body parts. It's nice to hear that they are at the same place developmentally - especially since they are only a day apart!



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