Wednesday, October 19, 2005


What does being a mother mean to you? Being a mother means to me being a person who is a caregiver, who is there emotionally, physically, spiritually, politically for her children, being a person who is dedicated to raising a child, teaching them right from wrong, offering unconditional love, being a living example and a friend. These are not easy things. These are not things that come naturally. Love, that is the easy part. The first time you see your newborn baby you fall in love faster and harder than you ever have before. I don't have to work at loving my son, it just happens, every minute of every day. But the other stuff, I have to work at. He is now at an age where he needs discipine. I don't want to discipline him. It is hard and no fun. But, if I don't teach him not to touch the oven because it is hot, who will? Or worse, he will find out on his own and end up hurt. I am not a compassionate person but I need to show compassion towards Sage. When he hurts himself or is sick, I need to show him that I love him by how I care for him. I didn't love cleaning up his puke, in fact, it made me puke! But I would never let him sleep in a bed with puke in it!

Spirituality is hard. I believe in Jesus. I believe he died for my sins, was buried and rose again! Hallelugah! But teaching Sage that God commands us to obey and love him is hard. I am reading a book Everyday Talk that helps me learn how to teach Sage about God and His love for us. It has taught me that the things that I talk about everyday with my kids when I mean to and more when I don't, mean to be talking to them, those are the things they are going to learn from me. I want my kids to learn the importance of the Bible, it is God's Word given to us to guide us through life. I want them to know that I always look to the Bible for answers. I always look to see what God says on a certain subject. I want them to hear me praising God. I want them to hear me talking good of other people. It sure makes me think twice when I call another driver stupid!

I think being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Harder than being the President of the United States! If we don't raise our kids well... what is going to happen to the world?

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