Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Don't know...

I don't know what to do with Sage when I lay him down for his nap, he talks to himself for 30 minutes and then cries for an hour. I just gave him a bottle (yes, in the middle of the day!) to see if that would calm him down. It doesn't seem to have done any magic trick. I know he needs a nap. Or by the time dinner comes around, there will be a complete meltdown.

I don't know what to do with Sage when I am trying to fix dinner and he holds onto my legs and cries to be picked up. Distracting him with toys doesn't work, not even his own cupboard in the kitchen works! This doesn't happen all the time, just the last two nights in particular. And Drew isn't home yet because I am trying to have dinner ready when he gets home or a few minutes after so that he can get back to school as quickly as possible. (Midterms this week - should be better after tomorrow.) But I do like to have dinner mostly ready so that we have as much family time as we can before Sage goes to bed.

I bought a gallon of milk yesterday at the grocery store. Drew started to drink it for dinner. And said yuck. He checked the expiration, it read Oct. 3! Why is it on the shelves?! I will now be checking my expiration dates on my milk.

I put Sage's new slippers on him this morning and he was pretty fascinated. I told him they are slippers. Later, I asked him if he showed Daddy his new slippers and he lifted up his foot and pointed! This morning, I wanted him to stay in the living room with me while I read the Bible so I put the gate up. After I was done, I was sitting in my chair and said "Okay, Sage now we can leave the living room." Before I got up or anything, he walked over to the gate and waited for me to move it! I am amazed at how smart he is!

Well, he is still crying so my bottle trick was a no go. I guess I won't try that again. I guess we will go to plan b, no ironing for me and we'll just go to Target instead!

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  1. Is there some certain toy he just freaks out about? I mean just absolutely loves? I would make a basket of fun toys, and make a huge deal about this being his basket of "toy time toys" or something cheezy like that, and whenever you need to get something done, get the basket down from a high place, and let him play with the toys. Tell him that he only gets to play with those toys during toy time, and then put them away when you are done with your task. Something about human nature that makes those toys more special, and you might be able to get some stuff done. Then you can change the toys out every so often so he doesn't get bored. I know Target has lots of fun stuff for $1 in their $1 place. Yes, I'm a teacher, can you tell? ;0)

    That happened to me the other time with milk. YUCK! It's just me and L here today and I am kinda bored...I need to just take a nap while she is sleeping! I read what you wrote about having more kids...wow! There were a number of things I wanted to comment on, but for now I'll just say that you are a great writer! The last 2 sentences were really good.



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