Friday, October 14, 2005

Our Family

I thought I would post a picture of our family. This was taken in June, so a little old. And yes, I have gum in my mouth.

Why is it when I finally decide to do something other than cleaning or blogging during Sage's nap, he cries for an hour and a half? Yesterday, I decided to work on his baby album while he slept. I got three pages done and was irritated the entire time because he wouldn't go to sleep. He was so tired. Maybe I waited too long to lay him down. I don't know but the rest of the day was miserable for both of us. My patience was low to start the day and then he doesn't nap and then he is whiny and wants to be picked up and put down the rest of the day. I became the mother I don't want to become. He would be naughty and open a cupboard and I would yell at him. Yell. Don't like that. Don't want to become that. And it didn't work anyway.

It has been raining here since Saturday. We have already been to the mall once this week for lunch but we are going again. There is a little playland that he likes to walk around in and sit in the car. It boils down to me needing to leave the house. The one friend that I have here is in Texas, visiting family so I haven't gotten out too much this week. Monday and Tuesday I stayed busy, Wednesday we were low key because I was worried he would puke again and yesterday was normal but we never left the house. Probably why we were both grouchy when Drew got home.

I watched Beauty Shop last night. Pretty dumb. I thought it would be funny but it just wasn't. Last week I watched Fever Pitch and laughed a lot. It was pretty funny. I tend to watch more movies now that we have Netflix and Drew is rarely home in the evenings.

Well, this was pretty random and boring. Sorry about that. Anyone have ideas for what we should wear for our first family portrait? Something classy but that doesn't scream Christmas. Maybe black shirts and jeans? But Sage and I are pretty pale. I already ruled out white because of that. Definitly a solid color. Maybe I will go to Old Navy and find something matching.

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