Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Baby's Room

This is probably not the post you are hoping for. I have no pictures of a completed room because the room is not complete. In fact, it is still painted pink, has a floral border around the top, with a floral valance and the quilt that used to be on Drew and I's bed.

The crib is in there in pieces, leaning against the wall. The bassinet is ready to go except I need to wash the sheets. The changing pad is sitting on top of the dresser that is still full of the things that we packed inside the dresser.

Yesterday, we picked the paint color, Sassy Green. I have the bedding for the crib. I got the sheet and the crib skirt. And the wall decals. You know what's funny? We aren't planning on buying a new mattress until the baby needs it, so I won't have a mattress to put the sheet on for a couple months!

And I think I might order this for a fun graphic to hang on the wall. Thanks for the idea, Julia! I've always been a little obsessed with monkeys.

The guest bed has this bedding waiting for it.

Drew and I made a deal today. I was feeling very overwhelmed with the room not being ready and time running out. And I know that it doesn't matter if the room is ready for the baby or not. And really, if it were just for the baby, I wouldn't care. But, as soon as the baby is born, my mom is coming. She'll stay, for how long, mom? Then, sometime in December Drew's sister is coming to visit. She leave for Guatemala in early January and won't have another opportunity. Then, the beginning of January, we are traveling to MN for Drew's brothers wedding. Drew's parents will fly home with me and the boys. So, really, I want the room ready for guests. The baby coming is just a good deadline. We were having a hard time getting started today. Drew let me sleep in, I lazily made cinnamon rolls and sat around all morning. Drew took the boys to play outside, shooting rockets and playing catch. Then the football game came on. That is when we started making deals. I expressed my concern with the lack of work going on in the baby's room and he decided that he would do everything if I just left him to it by a certain date. We decided on October 15.

I am not to lift a finger in that room. He will take the wall paper down, tape, trim and paint the walls. Then, we'll decide how we are arranging the wall stickers and I hope to get to make the guest bed because there is just something about making up a new bed. Do you know how hard it is to agree to this? It sounds ideal but then I have no control!

And then, I will pull out the tub of 0-3 month clothing and see what we have. I'm pretty sure we have everything he'll need. I picked up a new package of Carters onesies at a second hand store the other day, along with a Bumbo with a tray.

We may have decided on a name but there is no official word out yet.

And, I'm still looking (not hard) for the perfect coming home outfit. I don't know why that is special to me, but it is!

So, after October 15, I should have a completed baby/guest room. Can't wait to show you pictures!


  1. LOVE the monkey decal. Very cute! Also love the deal-making. We do that a lot in our house too. :)

  2. I really like Target's Dwell line!! I hope you're feeling better about everything now!


  3. Don't worry, you have...(let me check)...56 days left! =)

    I was just telling Kyle yesterday that if we were having a boy, I think I would get the Dwell Studio circles bedding. Nice choice!

  4. That's exciting! I too can't wait to see photos.

    Our new little guy will bunk with us for awhile (but not co-sleeping). Right now, I am deep in the throws of decorating our 2yo daughter's new room! So much fun.

    I have no idea what I will dress him in when he comes home. Colorado. January. A fur bunting?

  5. Sounds like you have an awesome second hand store! I am always up for a deal.
    I also love the special outfit to bring the baby home in. I love the brand Janie and Jack. It is very sweet. A little more pricy, but for that special outfit, worth it.

  6. How wonderful that you don't have to think about it anymore. How nice of Drew to alleviate you stress.


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