Monday, September 08, 2008

Nap Time

When did your kids give up napping?

I had decided that Sage needed to give his up. When he takes an afternoon nap, he has a hard time falling asleep that night. Like put him to bed at 8, he's still awake when we are going to bed at 10. And then for some reason, he'll wake up earlier the next day, around 6:30.

So today, I told him he didn't have to take a nap but rest on the couch while looking at books while I napped upstairs.

I came down after an hour and fifteen minutes. He was asleep on the couch. He rolled off the couch, wanted to lay back down and fell asleep again. He slept until 4:30.

That means he'll fall asleep around 11. And wake up around 5. Oh, I exaggerate, a little.

But tomorrow, we will not take naps! Well, he won't. I hope.


  1. Ally gave them up mostly at 3.5 yrs. Drew is still strong 2 hour napper at 4 and still goes to bed well at 8. Ally "rests" everyday with lots of books or dolls in her room. She rarely falls asleep. If she does, she is just like Sage and still awake when we go to bed!

  2. Well, sleep has never been Grace's strong suit, but she sort of started giving it up around 18 months. She'd go through stages of napping for several weeks, then not nap for several weeks. Right now at 2.5 yrs, she naps probably 3 days a week. Our problem is that she often isn't tired enough to actually fall asleep until about 4pm, and if we let her then of course bedtime is nightmarish. Sigh... She surreptitiously snuck away and fell asleep today at 4:30pm! We didn't discover her until 20 minutes later, and now I know we're going to pay for it tonight.

  3. Nap time is still in FULL effect at our house. Aiden has started arguing w/ me at nap time but always falls asleep for at least 2 hours and hops right in bed @ night too. I think he's probably not "normal" though.

    Caleb napped all the way until he started kindergarten. The naps got shorter but he always took one. Of course Ethan is still napping.

    Anyway, nothing profound...just thought I'd share.

  4. naps are the bane of my existance. okay, now i'm exaggerating. my little girl sounds like Julia's Grace. she hates to sleep; just turned 1 year old and i am LUCKY if i can get her to take 2 naps a day, one hour each. what age is normal for a kid to drop down to just one nap? will someone promise me that it will be a long one!?!?!

    let me know what you figure out kristy, so i'll know when i get to that stage. thanks. :)

  5. We went through a similar thing this summer with Hank only he wanted to give up his nap. I kept making him take one and then he would but he would be up until 10 also. So I make him stay in his room while Haddie naps but he goofs around plays cars, listens to Adventures in Odyssey etc. even on days I catch a quick snooze. It took awhile for him to not be tired in the afternoon but if you can keep him up a few afternoons I think it will definitely be worth it because night times are so much easier when they are actually tired. I also think it's better at night because it's getting darker earlier. That has helped us. Now - the hardest part will be you staying awake a few afternoons :)

  6. too funny. he'll adjust soon! :)


  7. trip (my almost 5 yr old) doesn't want to take naps anymore, but i still make him. occasionally he only 'rests', but most of the time he still sleeps for at least 90 mins. we agreed with the babysitter the other day that he has to take good naps until he is 5 yrs old and then he won't have to anymore. quinn is almost 3 & happily still takes 90 mins or so each day (right after lunch). they are both great sleepers though (not always common) and still go to bed at 8:00pm even with a nap.

    (brenda's friend)


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