Friday, September 19, 2008

Another update via Mom

Drew went back to Houston on Tuesday to work and then Kristy and the boys went back Wednesday afternoon. It is a bit cooler now so they are just having a "campout" at home. Drew's work building is OK downtown Houston and so he is charging their phones. When I called, she could not receive it "due to the aftermath of the hurricane" but she did get my text and later called me:) THANKS to their Austin friends for their wonderful hospitality and to all of you who are praying - they are all aware of their many blessings in the midst of the storm! Kristy says the rumor is that they will have electricity by Monday night - she will update ASAP! Meanwhile she and the boys hung out at the mall's play place yesterday and may go to the zoo if it is open today....

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  1. Sorry about the comment - No, I did not leave one saying that...I do enjoy your blog! Lanessa


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