Monday, September 22, 2008

Let's chat, it's been way too long!

We are home and with power! We got home yesterday evening after driving home so that they boys could fall asleep in the car.

And as promised, here are our pictures of the Hurricane Damage around our neighborhood. This is our back deck, no damage, just a lot of debris. Sage will be the first to tell you that God protected us. He and Drew had gone around the day Ike was coming and prayed over all our trees asking God to keep them in the ground, off our house and away from our windows. He certainly did!

This is across the street from us.

See how God protected this house too? The tree branches are right against the windows with nothing broken.

And just so you can get an idea of the size...

This is how we passed our first evening with no power, playing Go Fish by lantern!

We were in College Station, home of the Aggies for the weekend. Our good friends, put us up for the weekend after I called them on Friday and invited us to come. She told me they had a busy weekend but would love to have us. It was the best weekend we've had in a long time. They live on the Traditions golf course so we were able to take golf cart rides, Drew hit some balls, we went swimming and ate lunch pool side. Sage and I got to go see their daughter in her play, Cinderella. It was just a really lovely weekend like a mini vacation.

We came home recharged, rested and encouraged. They are a family that we would like to be just like so it is always fun to watch them as a family.

We were without power for a week. And we still know people who are without power. I can't say that it was too awful for us because we stayed with friends almost the entire time.

We headed to Austin last Sunday and the boys and I stayed until Wednesday. Drew met up with his bosses on Tuesday for a meeting in Austin and traveled home with them. For his meeting and also his birthday which was last Sunday, we had to go get him a whole new outfit since he had packed shorts, flip flops, and a clean shirt.

In Austin, we took a train ride, played at a park and ate some yummy food.

We are so thankful to our friends who quickly and graciously took us in. Our week without power was so comfortable and easy, thanks to them! We spent a total of 4 nights in our house without power. The first night was so awfully hot, the next 2 weren't that bad, thanks to the "cold front" of 60's at night and the last one was slightly uncomfortable. We had plenty of water and food and plenty of ways to get more if we needed it. I mean on Thursday the boys and I went to the mall! We didn't have power but the mall did! Priorities. The mall is across the street from the hospital which is why they had power. I was thankful to eat Chick fil A and watch the boys play in the play place.

Moving on from the Hurricane... I am outgrowing my clothes. Pants are no longer comfortable except one pair of gauchos that are not fit for public. They are just really worn out and ugly looking. I have 5 dresses that I wear on a regular basis when leaving the house. 5 dresses, 7 days. And two of them, I have to wear leggings under because they shrunk and are shorter than I prefer to wear dresses. And most of my shirts are a little short and my belly isn't that huge. There are other parts of me that have gotten, um, larger which are causing my pants to not fit.

I love Costco. But why do they put the XXLarge bages of M&M's right next to the register. I was able to justify the purchase by reminding myself that I told Sage that he and I will make M&M cookies together.

And no, M&M's are not the cause of my pants not fitting, the baby growing in my belly is!

We are back to our regularly scheduled week here with Mothers Day Out tomorrow so I will be going to the doctor and the grocery store by myself.

I have more pictures I want to share of my cute kids doing cute things but they will have to wait for another day. And I need to get a picture of my 32 week baby belly!

32 weeks! Yikes. We will paint the baby's room before the end of September. Which means, I need to start taking down the floral border wall paper. I will get all the 0 - 3 month clothes pulled out in October. I will. I promise myself. We did get the car seat, so we really are ready... kind of.

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  1. So glad you and the family are okay... that tree picture is CRAZY!



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